Cinnamon Bay: One Month After Irma

We took this video one month after Hurricane Irma struck St. John. Since this video was taken, crews have begun working to clean up the Virgin Islands National Park. The park, however, remains closed.

Check out the video:

8 thoughts on “Cinnamon Bay: One Month After Irma”

  1. We were in Cinnamon Bay for our honeymoon in 1978. We returned in 2009 and have been to Cinnamon Bay every year since. It’s our happy place. It’s painful to see it now. We will be back, no matter what! Until then…
    Good health to all,
    Tom and Laura Colletti

  2. Thank you for the images of Cinnamon Bay Campgrounds and Beach. At the end of the video a statement on the screen mentioned crews had started clean up in the area. Is it possible you could post a after video to highlight the hard work and what was accomplished? Many of us are curious about the the successful St John recovery efforts.

    Thank you,

    Jon Schutt

  3. Wow. Thank you for posting this. So much damage, it’s unbelievable. When I visited the park and St John’s, it was all the friendly people I met who made the trip memorable. The landscape may change but my hope is that the toll of hardship on everyone doesn’t warp the soul. My heart remains with you on your journey.

  4. Thanks Jenn for your amazing coverage!!
    The Cinnamon Bay video was interesting but I missed the inclusion of the newly installed tents- how did they manage?

  5. Oh, how hard was Cinnamon impacted! It is so sad to see this jewel of a place totally destroyed and in such disarray. Difficult to imagine a worst scenario. Memories of my four sons when they were children, running around, frolicking in cristal clear waters shooting pictures of blue fishes, enjoying themselves in our big tent, fearing the cold showers, wondering if the donkeys and crabs would come by at night, cooking outdoors and then watching the skies, in daytime hiking around and then spending hours swimming and just resting in our towels. All four are now grown up professionals who still remember our experience at Cinnamon. In fact, my current wife and me were waiting for the camping grounds renovation project going on and we had already promised oirselves to spend 2-3 weeks in our paradise where we also spent precious time in a beachfront cabin some years ago. Our dream has been shattered. It will take an enormous effort and many years to bring the place to a reasonable splendor. But our guess is that St. John and Cinnamon will never be the same.

  6. Is it possible that you will have guests beginning August, 2018? We honeymooned there in Feruary 1979 and two of our grandsons are getting married in 2018. We would like them to be able to return. .

  7. Would it be possible to volunteer to help clean the park and have a place to sleep for free. 35 yr. Strong male looking to volunteer at Cinnamon Bay Park, for about a week. Please send reply to email above.

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