Chesney dinner puts restaurant on the map

The restaurant where Renee and Kenny had a wedding-eve dinner for friends and family has become a hot spot.  Smack in the heart of Cruz Bay, across from Joe’s and next to the Post Office, the relatively new Rhumb Lines has been mentioned in Star and People magazines, according to the Virgin Islands Daily News.  Thai fusion was the theme of the dinner and included pupu platters and samosas.  Jerome O’Connell, who owns Rhumb Lines, told the paper many customers have asked him about the event, and he is happy to tell them. Play your cards right, and he’ll even point out the table the happy couple shared.

1 thought on “Chesney dinner puts restaurant on the map”

  1. Reminds me of the story when Anna Nicole Smith had her television show. They did an interview with her at an Italian Restaurant owned by our friends in Los Angeles. For about two months afterwards, tourists wanted to be shown the table that she sat at for the interview.
    Now, I will go on record saying that Anna Nicole is no Renee.

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