Chesney disguise fools no one at Woody’s

The summer tour is over and, like swallows to Capistrano, Kenny Chesney and his concert roadies piled onto St. John for some r-and-r.

A BVI Charter boat captain was on hand at Woody’s Thursday night when Chesney sat down to jam.

“I think the big floppy hat was supposed to be a disguise, but it did not work! Lots of people there! The coconut telegraph works quickly on the island!,” he wrote on his blog at http://www.saildivebvi.com/serendipity/.

7kenneyaMeanwhile, StJohnJulie saw a post on the Virgin Islands On-Line ting from “Bumblebee” saying she’d seen Chesney at Woody’s, too. “We arrived around 6:15pm … and a pretty big crowd had already gathered outside. Inside was of course packed. He played until about 9:15pm.”

“Word was, he had brought a group of 80 or so people (expenses paid) and they were staying at the Westin,” Bumblebee continued. “We ran into a few of them at lunch on Thursday at the grill outside Chateau Bordeaux (where Loretta grills up some awesome food!!).”

6 thoughts on “Chesney disguise fools no one at Woody’s”

  1. i bet kenny might get tired of trying to get away and still being mauled by people down there who all want to become his close personal friend. it’s a cool idea but i’m not going to take a vacation there just to hope i run into him. stars need their alonetime.

  2. I agree with Dan, Kenny goes to the Islands to relax and get away! He is exhausted! Give him a break! I love Kenny and like to see what he is up to, but he really needs a break from it all. He is going to get burned out, if he isn’t already! He won’t enjoy performing anymore, and we won’t be able to enjoy his performances! I think “Lucky Old Sun” is telling us something…

  3. Darn – we were going to invite hom to my wife’s birthday party November 29th!!! Sounds like he has enough friends already. We were feeling sorry for him!!

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