Chaotic Kayak = Huge Success!

Caila, News of St. John’s secret weapon

Happy Monday everyone! So Team News of St. John didn’t win yesterday’s Chaotic Kayak race, but we did raise a boatload of cash to support Team River Runner, so that’s a huge win in my book! A big thanks to all of you who supported!

More than $38,000 was raised and $2,000 of that was thanks to our loyal News of St. John fans. All of the proceeds will be used to bring a group of wounded veterans down to the island this November for a week of rest and relaxation.

Here are a few pics from the event:

A big thanks to all of the veterans who attended Sunday’s race

kayak race


NOSJ chaotic kayak

A HUGE thanks to Team News of St. John!

team news of st john

And another HUGE thanks to everyone who generously supported Team News of St. John!!

  • Papa and Mama News of St. John
  • Kathy Nichols
  • Marianne Pollaci
  • Denise H Bills
  • Dawn Foster
  • Nicole R Benson
  • Callie and Andrew Turner
  • Keith and Stephanie Rhodes
  • Island Screech Studios
  • Capt. John & Island Sue
  • Bay Rum Breeze Villa
  • Leslie McKibben
  • Fetsje Goettsch
  • Judith M Hanley
  • Karen Sansone
  • Seagrass Cottage Crew
  • Karen Barnes
  • Kimberly Checket
  • Todd, ADI
  • Mary Mongillo
  • Michelle Tyminski
  • Carrie McKinney
  • John Alemanni
  • The Waggisly Mr. Woody
  • Anita Giesick
  • The Catenas
  • CBV Homes
  • Villa Fun & Contentment
  • karen phillips
  • Steve@Villa Fish
  • Mary Bartolucci, Island Style Weddings
  • Dale Houghtlen

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