Brief bits

  • Four more villas added to the Multiple Listing Service since last week.  Total now stands at 151.
  • If you mailed something to the islands in the last week, make a phone call to see if it got there.  There was a fire in a small plane at the San Juan airport Monday.  It was carrying Priority, Express, and First Class mail bound for the territory.  About 1,000 pounds the cargo went up in smoke or water. Full story from the Virgin Islands Daily News

2 thoughts on “Brief bits”

  1. Hi there! We raided PetSmart & Target and sent a box of doggie toys to John, the Treasurer of ACC. The visual of the dogs tapping their toenails in boredom in your article several weeks ago inspired us to risk the notorious Post office. We tried to “fly under the radar” and sent it Parcel Post; perhaps the box will actually arrive! Diane & Jim Murphy

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