Boyson Inc. Gets Mister B Back

mister b
(Really old photo)

Well folks, it sounds as if our car barge issues may be alleviating sometime soon … island soon most likely.

As you may know, federal marshals seized the Mister B back in January 2016 after its owners, Boyson, Inc., failed to make payments on a pretty sizable loan to a Connecticut-based company. The seizure snarled traffic between the islands, as the Mister B was our largest barge. Couple that with the unreliability of the other three barges – all three have been offline from time to time over the past year – and was pretty much an inter-island travel nightmare at times.

The Mister B was set to go up for auction last month. That auction was subsequently canceled because Boyson Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection halting the sale of its vessel.

We have heard from multiple sources, however, that Boyson was able to get the Mister B back, which is great news from our island, and men have been seen working on the vessel in the past days.

We’re not sure how long it will take to get the Mister B back up and running seeing how it’s sat in Enighed Pond for roughly 14 months, but we’re pretty certain Boyson will put it back in service as soon as it’s able to.

So, good news on the car barge front today. Now if we could only get the new people ferry back up and running…

4 thoughts on “Boyson Inc. Gets Mister B Back”

  1. While waiting to depart STJ this Thursday past, there was a lot of activity happening aboard the Mister B…a cacophony of hammers kept us entertained while waiting for the car barge. that Mister B will be up and running soon!

    • I am so glad mister b back because so our barge service will be better and I will go back on it but I glad they got it back but they doing some repairs on it but hopefully before march end they should be back in business

  2. I am so,so (HAPPY ) that Mister B will be on the sea again, if you all people don’t know how really bad I can’t wait for that to come back out, my husband and I always say so. Best car ferry and very dependable. Very nice business owners to. Hurry, Hurry come out, we know you all is trying you all best
    May God continue to bless you all in whatever you all going through, you all will ( NOT ) be the first nor the last.

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