Trip Advisor rates the restaurants

 TedTed's Supper Club, which isn't even a restaurant, is ranked as the #1 eatery on the island by TripAdvisor, based on reviews from more-than-satisfied customers.  The travel review site received 10 reviews of Ted's all of them rating the catered-dinner service Excellent.

One rave said, "After careful discussion we decided that tapas was the way to go with our family 🙂 Ted created a menu of 10 items for our family of 6 adults! We were blown away by the outdoor kitchen setup, outstanding presentation."

Ted, of course, is Ted Robinson.  Previously he owned and operated the Tage restaurant in Cruz Bay and was chef at the original Paradiso .  That space is now occupied by Fatty Crab.  After closing Tage, he went into business for himself doing high-end catered meals in villas. Ted's Supper Club

In second place, TripAdvisor has the Sam & Jack's Deli at the Marketplace, opened this year by the owner of Zozo's. "Fantastically fresh, delicious meals wrapped up to go," said one happy customer, Mindy Hankins. "Take a tiramisu with you to the beach!"  Sam & Jack's Deli

Other top restaurants on the island:

Frankly, you have to take this TA list with a grain of sand.  Of the Top 10, two are just plain wrong.  One is a guest house, the other's out of business.  But the list is a good starting point for ideas.

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  1. Ted’s Supper Club must be very happy for all the reviews that the satisfied customers gave. However, many should not believe what the reviews are saying about a topic. They can paid for positive reviews though.

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