The Beauty of Low Season

I never really understood why people shied away from the island during September, To me, it’s one of the best months of the year. The beaches are nearly empty. Parking is plentiful. The water’s warm. And although several restaurants and bars may close, you can still get great food and service from the ones that chose to stay open. See for yourself…

Hawksnest parking
Not a soul at Hawksnest at 9 a.m.
parking jumbie
Plenty of spots available over at Jumbie
trunk empty
Only a handful of people at one of the most famous beaches in the world.
cinnamon empty
You can have Cinnamon all to yourself
tire swing
Or a tire swing all on your own

15 thoughts on “The Beauty of Low Season”

  1. I’m with you September is beautiful. I usually come down for the month of October, which for me, is also beautiful and uncrowded. This year I am lucky enough to be able to stay for Sept. and Oct. I am having an absolute fantastic time while here.

  2. We were sailing the VI the second week of September with beautiful weather and one small rain shower. The BVIs were deserted and Cruz Bay still had good activity and open restaurants. We were the only boat in the Francis Bay anchorage and the Caneel Bay anchorage when we spent the nights there. We love the off-off-season of September! Back for Halloween for the merely off-season.

    Cheers, RickG

  3. We tried to make a September trip a few years ago. As it turned out, Earl got to STT at about the same time we were supposed to arrive.

    We haven’t tried for a fall trip since.

  4. The chance of getting caught on island in a hurricane is very, very slim. If you have been thinking about going in September or October, go for it.

  5. I thoroughly agree! We own a villa past Coral Bay. I love it there I in September. I feel as though I have the entire island to myself.

  6. It’s our fave time of year to go! Was married October 31st, 2008 at Truck Bay!! Absolutely love having Maho to ourselves when we visit during that time of year!

  7. I’ve been coming for many years in Sept. (sometimes April as well)
    But it truly is the best time to relax in paradise. But keep the hurricane myth alive!!

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