Beach Update: Hawksnest

hawksnest street sign november 1 2018

Hello everyone and happy Friday! We receive lots of emails asking us the status of the beaches. So rather than simple tell you how great they all look, we’ve decided to show you.

Our first stop is over at Hawksnest. We spent some time there Thursday afternoon, and it looked absolutely gorgeous. See for yourself…

hawksnest sign november 1 2018

hawksnest sidewalk november 1 2018

hawksnest bay november 1 2018 hawksnest november 1 2018 hawksnest beach november 1 2018

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?? Well guess what? It’s even better in person. Come visit us!! 🙂

That’s all we have for you today, folks. Have a fantastic weekend!

12 thoughts on “Beach Update: Hawksnest”

  1. Truly amazing! The belief and hard work which made this kind of recovery happen
    can be spelled ST. JOHN ..”LOVE CITY”
    Thanks Jenn, for everything. See you in March.

  2. We had a great time there in May. Glad to see the shade coming back! Now if only the smokers would stay off the beach much more enjoyable.

  3. Do you know if the NP will clear the beaches of dead trees or, as I hope and pray, there is still a chance they will bounce back?

  4. My wife and I honeymooned there just before the hurricanes hit and declared St John “the most beautiful place we know”. Nothing short of paradise, Hawksnest was our favorite….no crowds, nature’s beauty and some of the best snorkeling! Our first time ever, we saw turtles, jellyfish, eel, coral, sting rays, colorful fish and even a nurse shark! We can’t wait to come back!!! Planning a return soon! 🙂

  5. Arriving on St John on December 1st… my 45th year of family living and vacationing in Love City.
    Hawsnest always one of my favorite beaches.
    Thanks Jenn for your excellent updates!

  6. Seeing and even better hearing these waves is some of the best of the best! True relaxation, and healing! We will be there in mid Jan, have missed being there so much! Thanks for your constant updates that are so positive!

  7. Thanks Jenn for posting this! So beautiful to see and hear! We were there in May/June of this year & can’t wait to come back….hopefully next year coming with our daughter & her family (introducing 2 of our Grandchildren to STJ!!) Also every Sunday at 10:00 at the pavilion there on Hawksnest, Freshwater Church meets for church. An awesome time for those who live on island & for visitors too…for everyone! We went while we were on island….very casual/come as you are….met some great new friends.
    Have a great day everybody!

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