Beach Bar Announces Reopening Date!!

Beach Bar... Soon Come (file photo)
Beach Bar… Soon Come (file photo)

Well folks, if we’re posting a story at 6:30 p.m. on a Friday night, you know it has to be good!

The Beach Bar has announced its reopening date!

Ok, so it’s not the full Beach Bar, but it’s something! Beginning next Thursday, January 17th, The Beach Bar will be open for happy hour on the beach! Drinks will be served from 3 p.m. until… every Thursday through Sunday. This will happen in their new “on the beach” beach bar until construction is competed in the main bar. How excited are all of you??!!

The new temporary beachfront Beach Bar
The new temporary beachfront Beach Bar

The Beach Bar plans to have live music as often as they can, so please check out their website for bands and times.

Ahh, what a great way to start the weekend! Have a great one everyone!

12 thoughts on “Beach Bar Announces Reopening Date!!”

  1. Awesome news! Our favorite bar! So happy to hear they are reopening! Blessings to Beach Bar on their return! Can’t wait to come back to our favorite Island!!

  2. Wonderful news. They make a killer pain killer. Am so looking forward to the web cam having more than construction. Makes me feel like there is a place to go to that I remember with fondness even when things aren’t great up here.

  3. Wonderful news, be back to the VI on Friday for our 4th trip back since the storms, the changes each time have been amazing and can’t wait to see more, looking forward to a drink on the beach!

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