Another TV Show Films On Island!

HGTV's crew filming on the beach Sunday.
HGTV’s crew filming on the beach Sunday.

I’m telling you, St. John is truly becoming the place to be! There was yet another television crew filming on island this weekend … how cool is that?! Here are the details…

The show is called Caribbean Life and it airs on HGTV. Caribbean Life follows couples and families who decide to leave the mainland and head to the Caribbean for a fabulous life of sun, sand and Bushwackers. Or perhaps sun, sand and Painkillers… that’s totally your call. 🙂

The TV crew on island this past weekend happened to be following two people we all know and love – Karena and Joe from The Beach Bar. For those of you who don’t know Karena and Joe, they took over The Beach Bar last May along with Karena’s sister Nikki (another lady we absolutely adore on island!!).

Nikki, Joe and Karena
Nikki, Joe and Karena

Now we can’t give away too much, but we can tell you that Karena and Joe have been filming since Friday, and from what we’ve heard, their days have been ridiculously long … like 16 hours long. Wow! They filmed around the island and did a few shots at The Beach Bar Sunday afternoon. We hear their episode will run sometime next spring. We’ll keep you all posted on air times.

In the meantime, check out this screen grab we took from The Beach Bar’s webcam yesterday…

A webcam image of the tv crew filming Sunday.
A webcam image of the tv crew filming Sunday.

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  1. When this airs, it will be presented as them first arriving, looking for a place to live/buy. Watch this show, pretty good for a staged one.

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