Animal Care Center: good news, tough news

, the huge retailer, has awarded “a modest” grant to the Animal Care Center, according to Sheila Karcher, the ACC’s president.  The money came “thanks to the grant writing skills of (a) volunteer Donna Triana.  And the organization is hard at work trying to get more such support, because the number of homeless cats and logs, and their needs, is challenging the mostly-volunteer organization. 

At last count, there were 45 cats and kittens and 12 dogs being cared for.

Ober the weekend, the ACC issued a call for immediate help. “We are out of dog treats and bones. If anyone is putting a care package together, we are in need of dog bones. No treats at bedtime anymore. Poor doggies, even they are affected by our slow season.”

In a recent letter to supporters, Karcher said donations “have been way down the past two years, the government allocation … is always delinquent, and now at this point in the year, we are running a $20,000 shortfall.”

Prospects for income between now and the rest of the year are uncertain.  The annual No Fleas Please, flea market is set for next month.  And the winter gala is set for January.

You can help the ACC by joining.  Memberships begin at $35.

6 thoughts on “Animal Care Center: good news, tough news”

  1. Why is all of the information on the ACC web site out of date ? Was going to buy tickets to the snow baqll but the site was down “under construction” and the pictures from the flea market were from 2009 ???

  2. The ACC is a wonderful, caring organization that does so much with so little. Definitely check out their FB page. Very active. And volunteer when you are there- it will be the best part of your trip!!

  3. Sad to see you are running into financial difficulties. Shame on Olgivy PHd and the rest of those who keep celebrating the demise of Maho Bay and want the Island to be for the ultra rich, only. Humn, those who obviously are very selfish. (one sees the same thing in the Hamptons, unfortunately) Keep up the good work.

  4. I love animals. I have cats and dogs at home. You have done a great cause for this. I am just saddened that you are lacking finances and support. However, hope will always find its way to your organization. With all heart, I wish you all the best. Kudos to ACC.

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