Love letter to Blue Tang villa

Hmpg_297x218_night_pool Mrs. and Mr. Inquiring Iguana have owned Blue Tang for a couple of years.  Whenever they visit, Mr. I reads the Guest Book's comments left by guests.  And, invariably, his eyes get teary as people say what a good time they had with their spouses, their lovers, their children, and even their grandkids.  That a time at Blue Tang , with assistance from Catered To, the house's management company, could be so relaxing and re-energizing for so many warms the  Iguana's cockles.

While the Iguanas were visiting family in Florida in December, he received a call from a young woman, a new Mom.  She and her husband and child, and Mother, wanted to stay at BT.  Arrangements were made … and they had a great time. They posted this review online. http://www.virgin-islands-on-line.com/sj/sjhotelreviews/20100119085043.shtml

Sometimes the Iguanas considers themselves very, very lucky.  Often, really.

3 thoughts on “Love letter to Blue Tang villa”

  1. Frank, I agree, Blue Tang is a slice of heaven! We stayed there in June with our 18 year old son. It was our 3rd trip to STJ and the first time that we were just as happy to stay “home” for dinner. Love your island home! You are one lucky, lucky man! Meg D.

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