Angel’s Rest is Back on the Water!

angels rest
Angel’s Rest, St. John’s floating bar

Hello folks and happy Saturday! How does a floating bar sound right about now? Pretty darn good, right? Well for those of you who like that sort of thing, we have some great news … Angel’s Rest is back on the water!

We get a ton of emails here at News of St. John, and one of the top topics is Angel’s Rest, St. John’s only floating bar. People ask if it’s out and about, and if so, where it’s located. Well today we can tell you that, yes, it’s out and about again. And as far as its location goes, Angel’s Rest is usually anchored at Haulover in the mornings and Hansen Bay in the afternoons, according to Captain Peter.

Random fact: Angel’s Rest is the only boat on St. John that has a liquor license.

We spent Easter on Angel’s Rest a few years back. Click here to read all about it. 

Want to know if Angel’s Rest is out and about for sure? Just send a text to Captain Peter at 340-514-6270.


Another random fact: Angel’s Rest’s restroom probably has the best view out of all the restrooms in the USVI.

angels rest bath

That’s all we have for you today folks. 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend!

9 thoughts on “Angel’s Rest is Back on the Water!”

  1. Wondering if you know more to this story. We went to Hansen Bay and were required to ‘donate’ $2.50 per person to park there and were told we were not allowed to swim out to Angels Rest. Seems like a feud between parties that is getting in the middle of the enjoyment of others.

    • I read about the feud a whole back! Hope it’s been resolved. Had a great time on Angels Rest a few years ago but we were at Vie’s.

    • The parking on the Hansen beach is for folks coming to Hansen to enjoy the beach and the hospitality of the owners (who are gracious and generous). Some folks were parking on the beach and going straight out to Angel Rest. Thus using parking that is for Hansen Beach patrons.

      Problems were caused by drunkenness of Angel Rest patrons and captain and serving alcohol to minors. The minimal $2.50 parking fee is similar to what Vie charged to use her beach. Before Vie closed her beach and food business, she also did not want Angel Rest anchored off her beach.

      You can park along the road and take the path by the old government building to swim out to the bar.

  2. If you walk to where the entrance to the government building is..you could walk to the beach and jump in the water. You do not need to pay the money..

  3. Chartering Captain Peter for a sunset cruise and renewing your wedding vows after 25 years of a perfect marriage is the best way to enjoy Angel’s Rest. Something we will always treasure with our friend Peter, Bob and Jean.
    Thanks for the memories.

  4. We were at Hanson Bay last week and I was so surprised by how many people disregarded Delia (who is one of the owners). The $2.50 is a small price to pay for such a unique location. She asked everybody who parked on the property not go out to Angels rest.
    She gave a very good a reason that seem to make perfect sense and I was so surprised to see so many people just disregard her request and swim out to the house boat. When your on vacation no one is going to remember you next year when come back. But I like to think this is not typical STJ behavior !

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