And We’re Back to a Paid Parking Lot…

And We're Back to a Paid Parking Lot... 1
The Cruz Bay overlook is a prettier picture than a parking lot, which is why we’re using it today. 🙂

Well folks, it was a free lot. And then it was a paid lot. Then it was back to a free lot. And now it’s going to be a paid lot again. Gosh, it’s hard to keep up with the happenings over at the gravel lot in Cruz Bay!

Chalk this up to a “there’s not too much happening on island” kinda story today. 🙂

The government announced Monday that the gravel parking lot at the Theovald E. Moorehead Dock and Terminal at Enighed Pond will begin operating as a paid parking lot beginning on July 1. The gravel lot was the largest free parking lot in Cruz Bay. It is located beside the car barge entrance and exit area, and across the street from the tennis courts in Cruz Bay.

The gravel lot closed for repairs last summer. At that time, new gravel was spread throughout, and fencing and lighting was installed around the lot. It reopened briefly in December as a paid lot, but was quickly closed after public outcry. And now, as we just mentioned, it will become a paid lot once again.

When the gravel lot becomes a paid lot, the first 30 minutes will be free. The second half hour will be $4. One to two hours will be $6. Two to three hours will be $8. Three to 10 hours will be $12. Ten to 24 hours will be $15. Monthly parking will be available for $175.

And We're Back to a Paid Parking Lot... 2

There are numerous paid parking lots in Cruz Bay and a handful of free parking options. We will go out and take some new pics later this week and will share the most up-to-date info with you soon. In the meantime, have a wonderful day everyone!!

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  1. just my thoughts, when it was free parking look what happened, it was filled with abandoned cars. I do agree the price is a little high but it can’t be free or it will become a junk yard again.

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