And the Season’s First Megayacht Has Arrived…

Image courtesy of Leah Randall of Mermaid Tales Photography

Well folks, last week we welcomed out first two cruise ships of the season out in Cruz Bay, and today we’re welcoming our first megayacht visit. Tis the season…

It’s Thanksgiving week which can only mean one thing … time for one of the world’s largest sailing ships to visit us for the holiday. Eos, the 305-foot vessel owned by media mogul Barry Diller and fashion designer Diana von Furstenberg, is currently anchored out in Round Bay. Eos has been visiting the island every Thanksgiving for the past several years and always anchors out on the East End.

Here’s a picture of my amazing ACC rescue Charlie checking out Eos when it visited last November:


Eos is an extremely impressive ship, so if you’re able to drive out to Coral Bay within the next few days, you’ll definitely want to check it out. But don’t get too close if you’re on a boat because they definitely have security on board. Click here to read about one reader’s exchange with Barry Diller from their November 2013 visit. 

And for those of you looking to pull up info on Eos on your Marine Traffic app, it’s actually coming up as Leon.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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