And 17 Months Later, She’s Home.

Kekoa, Valentine's Day 2019
Kekoa, Valentine’s Day 2019

Well folks, today’s story is short and sweet. Seventeen months after Kekoa was left battered among the mangroves out in Hurricane Hole, she’s returned to her mooring ball in Cruz Bay.

By now most of you likely know the story. Kekoa was abandoned at sea during a storm while en route to St. Thomas many years back. Her owners, Jamison and Ryan, found her adrift and restored the 50-foot catamaran before bringing her down to St. John. She was one of the island’s most popular and recognizable boats with her signature black sails. Then Irma rolled through.

Kekoa, like many boats, ended up twisted in the Mangroves out at Hurricane Hole. The brothers, with the help of many, removed the vessel from the mangled mess Irma left behind and towed her to Hanson Bay where they spent more than a year tirelessly working to restore her.

And on Thursday, a day that celebrates love, we saw Kekoa out on her morning ball in Cruz Bay. How’s that for a happy ending?

Although she is not perfect yet, Kekoa looks great. The brothers still need to install her signature black sails. The logo and some other odds and ends need to happen too. If all goes as expected, Kekoa will set sail again in mid-March.

With all the divisiveness and discord in this world, I am grateful to be able to share these happy stories with you all on a daily basis, stories that make us smile and give us hope. And with that, I hope you all have a great Friday.

Kekoa on her mooring ball in Cruz Bay, Thursday afternoon
Kekoa on her mooring ball in Cruz Bay, Thursday afternoon

13 thoughts on “And 17 Months Later, She’s Home.”

  1. Who needs “bubbly” with all this great news about ”Iris” and Kekoa?!
    Up north in Syracuse, our Christmas Amaryllis just opened its six
    red flowers on Valentines Day.
    Love for Love City!
    See you next month!!
    Sue & Burt

  2. This is such special news! It almost feels like closing another door on that bitch who battered the shores!
    I’m so happy for everyone involved. The passion and work that goes into restoring such a beauty is almost overwhelming!
    Happy tears for all those involved!!

  3. Thank you so much for highlighting the Kekoa story!! Brought out many tears of joy just reading the title!!
    St John is lucky to have you reporting the good things happening on island!!
    With gratitude from the very proud mother of Jamison and Ryan!

  4. Congratulations to Jamison, Ryan, and the Kekoa team! We’ll be back on island in a few months and can’t wait to see that beautiful girl standing tall in Cruz Bay. Being aboard is always a highlight during our trips to St. John! Many people are smiling today!

  5. Love, love, love!!! We were able to view the work in progress on this beauty while on our tour with you, Jenn, this past November. Looking forward to our trip this November, and to booking a sail on Kekoa!!!

  6. Does my heart good seeing her fixed. Came to island last year first two weeks in March and watched her being rebuilt out at Hansen’s. Looks like this year we will just miss going out on her. But definitely next year. Glad Jamieson and Ryan rebuilt her.

  7. Such Great news. We were aboard on our last trip to St John three years ago. Best thing we did while on island. Still using our Kemp’s steel cups are wearing our shirts. We have since moved from western mass to St Croix.

  8. Great news!!!! Anyone know what happened to my girl the Island Spirit?? I know Cruz Bay watersports got a new boat but we all loved that cat & crew.

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