An Update on the Ferries

ferry dock

Hello everyone and happy Saturday! I just wanted to give you all a super quick update on the current ferry situation…

  1. The new non-resident rate for the passenger ferry is now $8.15 one way. This increase began on January 25th and will continue for one year.
  2. Beginning Thursday, February 8th, ferry services will run until 10 p.m. daily. This will occur both from Red Hook and Cruz Bay.
  3. We are still down to only two car barges. This means that if one goes down for maintenance or repairs, then we only have one barge to ferry vehicles between St. John and St. Thomas. If you are planning to visit St. John anytime soon, I implore you to rent your vehicle on St. John. This will free up additional space for vehicles who need to use the barges daily – construction trucks, garbage trucks, food delivery trucks, vehicles that travel between the islands for work or healthcare, etc. All of our car rental agencies on St. John are open for business. Please rent your vehicle on St. John and use the passenger ferry, which runs hourly.

13 thoughts on “An Update on the Ferries”

  1. Thanks to Kenny Chesney’s song “Boats” that is sort of what I would love to do for a retirement job, a ferry boat between islands or maybe a fishing charter. All I need to do is learn how to sail or manage a boat. LOL I really need to get down there some day.

  2. Jenn, we are coming down in the next few months. How do we get to Jost Van Dyke and back thru customs and immigration? Do we have to clear thru in Charlotte Amalie, then head back to to St John?

    • Hi Jenn, I have the same question as Jeff so thought I’d reply here so you don’t have to answer it twice 😉 we are going to be on Jost late March but wanted to come back to STJ for Easter before we fly out. Not looking possible. Any info would be great! Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the continued up to date information Jenn. We will be there in July and will rent our car on St John for the reasons you listed.
    People visiting, should also realize that even if you save a little by renting in Charlotte Amalie, you may have car barge delays and get stuck in St Thomas all together. Also please take in consideration St John needs the car barges on a daily basis more then us tourist. You want to help St John? Start by renting your car on the island, that could be your only gesture of “giving back”!!
    See you soon!

    • Pat,

      Penn’s no longer has the car rental business. Mrs. Penn retired a few year ago.
      In my opinion, St, John Car Rental is the best one now


  4. Will we still be able to purchase a book of ferry tickets at a discounted price as before? For those of us that will be going back and forth from SST to STJ several times while we are there? Thxs!

  5. Do they still have the barge with the bar on it? I always take that one because I need a drink when crossing the sound. They let me on even without a car. I know how to talk my way into anything.

  6. We arrived on 01-25-18 and rented on St Thomas like the 7 previous years and had absolutely NO problems getting right on the car ferry!!!

    Easy like always!


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