An Update on Our Island Donkeys

donkey nose
Earlier this month, we mentioned how the draught was negatively affecting the donkeys here on island. We told you how donations were being collected to help purchase food for the donkeys, and you all responded in a big way. I saw a ton of donkeys along Centerline Road yesterday, and they all seemed very happy. So a huge thank you to all you who helped!

For those of you driving along Centerline Road in the upcoming days or weeks, you’ll notice buckets along the roadway in and around Coral Bay. These are donkey water stations set up by volunteers throughout the area. If you’re planning on heading in that direction, bring some water with you if you can and fill one or two of them up.

photo 3-31

There still isn’t any significant rain in the forecast, so they donkeys will continue to need our help. Our friends over at Jolly Dog in Coral Bay created a pretty cool t-shirt to further help our donkey population. If you’re interested in Saving Our Asses, you’re going to want one of these:

save asses tshirt


The shirts cost $25, and a significant amount of the proceeds will be donated to the Donkey Fund at the Animal Care Center. You can purchase them at Jolly Dog over in Coral Bay (next to Skinny Legs) or at Chelsea Drug Store in the Marketplace. A huge thank you to Jolly Dog, 340 Real Estate, Chelsea Drug, Tradewinds Studio in Maryland and Jane Higgins Resortwear in St Thomas for making these shirts happen.

And for those of you who love donkeys, here are a few more pics for you to enjoy:

donkey close up

Oriel Smith and a few of our donkeys
Oriel Smith and a few of our donkeys

donkeys eating

22 thoughts on “An Update on Our Island Donkeys”

    • Awesome…thanks! The love for St. John and its critters goes well beyond the kind people that actually live on the rock. I’m looking forward to helping and wearing my shirt state side.

  1. I love those donkeys. Glad they’ve been survivors of countless droughts and hurricanes for centuries. The island wouldn’t be the same without them.

  2. yea- we’ll be there in a little over a week- will make sure to get some shirts, and will have some gallons of water in the car when we drive over to east end.

  3. Would love to support from Cali. Just let me know when they are available to purchase and ship out here. Won’t be back till February.

  4. I filled my gallon jug at the villa and poured it in one of the buckets on Centerline going down to Coral Bay. I got the fill line to about halfway up with my gallon. I should have brought two but I had only one gallon jug. It is a great initiative. If all of us bring just a gallon each, it will go a long way. I also see the cow population has increased this year.

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