All your cisterns are full

Lots of rain Sunday and all Monday night.  Torrents.

How bad? 

This photo shows exactly what many folks on island are
worried about – tremendous runoff from the land and construction cites,
filing in the bays, and choking the coral.  The run-off extends here at
Great Cruz Bay as much as 50 feet into the bay. (Click on it for a larger version.)

Schools are closed on all three islands, today, Tuesday.

No one was in the street at Woody’s last night, the rain was so hard.

People were going up Jacob’s ladder in 4WD.

Eating a burger at the Beach Bar, guy next to me says he’s on island for a wedding on the beach. It’s scheduled for Tuesday.  60 people.  Hope it works out.  odds are it won’t.  Forecast is for this to last thru the day and kind of continue off and on to Thursday.

6 thoughts on “All your cisterns are full”

  1. We just got home Sunday from STJ…noticed all the unbelieveable construction. You really cannot imagine it until you’ve seen it with your own eyes. Unless your sitting on a National park beach you cannot get away from hammers, buzzsaws and cement truck noise. It was our 8th or 9th trip in as many years and it was actually painful to see the island ain’t what she used to be. Thank God for the Rockefellers donation of the USVI National Park…it will always remain mostly pristine…unlike the massively now overdevelopement everywhere else.

  2. two answers …
    to Weepy … the bay recovered very well … the photo with today’s podcast was taken this morning … looks like always.
    Heather … it’s a huge house, looks to have maybe four buildings. Problem is it’s recovered mangrove land … and they’ve had top truck in lots of sand … and hey are building sand. Scuttlebut is that they can’t get a firm foundation to pour the concrete forms.

  3. Frank – We wondered about the site. Every morning we would walk past the site and watch the trucks bringing in fill. My construction husband made a comment about the amount of fill.
    We were surprised that they were allowed to fill what appeared to be a low/wet area (something one could never get away with in rural PA)

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