Airfare is Pretty Darn Cheap Right Now

Trunk Bay this past Tuesday

When I decided to pack my bags and leave Connecticut for St. John a couple of years back, my mother thought I had lost my mind. I had a very good job and had just earned a master’s degree. My father, on the other hand, thought I was a rockstar. So it’s only natural that I’d want to fly him down for Father’s Day (and of course my mother too, who has since come around I’d like to point out 🙂 ).

I was pretty excited yesterday morning when I found direct, roundtrip airfare from New York for only $299! I immediately bought the tickets and made it my father’s job to convince my mom to take time off of work and come see me. Good news: It worked and they’re coming to visit … yay! Bad news: I booked it for a week early. Apparently Father’s Day is June 19th, not June 12th like I thought … oops! Oh well, at least I’ll have mom and dad in town next month.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because there are some super good deals, especially on American Airlines, right now. For those of you looking for a last minute vacation, now’s the time to visit. The water is warm, the beaches aren’t crowded and the weather is simply gorgeous. Oh and it’s cheap as long as your travel dates are flexible. Here are a few sample airfares for a five-night stay during the month of June:

  • Roundtrip out of New York: $299 on American
  • Roundtrip out of Boston: $309 on American
  • Roundtrip out of Miami: $251 on American
  • Roundtrip out of Chicago: $360 on American
  • Roundtrip out of Dallas: $400 on American

Check out Google’s Airfare Search to find the best airfare prices at https://matrix.itasoftware.com

You know you want to come visit us… And if you need a bit more convincing, check out last night’s sunset:

may 19 2016 sunset ocean 362

8 thoughts on “Airfare is Pretty Darn Cheap Right Now”

  1. Booked Jet-Blue out of Orlando a month go for 1100 bucks for 2. At that time it was 1700 out of Atlanta on Delta, where I work as an Air Traffic Controller. I did the math, cheaper to get a hotel room and drive to and from ATL to ORL.

  2. Kind of nuts that is is more expensive to fly from Dallas than Chicago which is closer to USVI? I live in New Orleans and go now to ST John in the off off season because the airfare is just too high from here. The worst part about living here is that, no direct flights anywhere and no deals….It’s ridiculous…..

  3. Never will get those prices out of Charlotte….esp. on American Airlines . Close to $700 each with taxes . 🙁

  4. Unfortuately, will never see those prices out of PHL. Coming down in August for 2 weeks and the airfare was 645.00 each….that’s a big ouch!

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