How to make a villa rental even better

Food and a bottle of wine in the refrigerator, Internet access, and someone to drive them home from a night on the town are enough to get most St. John visitors’ vacations off to a good start, according to comments on the Web site over the past week.

In voting over the past week, several hundred people selected from a list of options and decided having the house stocked with food and drink was the best thing they could get (31%), close behind was Internet access (29%), and in third place, that ‘designated driver’ service (14%).  See the poll results here.

Some respondents said there were other things that make their stay at a rental villa comfortable.

"That welcome basket (can be) great!," said Michelle Reen.  A working washer and dryer are important, too.

Making the connection to get to the house is critical, pointed out Vince. He says villa rental companies should, "Make sure ‘greeters’ are carrying a cell phone.  (We) have had instances where we got in a bit later and only get an answering machine (when we call the management company)."

Heather wants a practical introduction to her rental house, hoping for a walk-through of the property. "In the past three trips, we encountered a disconnected hot water heater, closed cistern valves resulting in no water, pumps in need of priming, a tripped circuit breaker, and a broken hot tub, all discovered after the agent left the house."

James Rogers said he requires "complete privacy.  Last year, his girl friend was in the shower and the villa owner "got a free (although most assuredly not intentional) peep show as the shower had a huge curtain-less window in it!!"

There is one thing more, said Debbie. "A lime squeezer … to make those rum punches and other yummy drinks with fresh lime."

4 thoughts on “How to make a villa rental even better”

  1. aren’t designated drivers AKA taxi drivers? We just returned from St John on 9/29. Stayed in the villa Cinnimon Tarn for 9 days. The welcome basket included cheeses, crackers, turkey, fruit, beer and wine. We rented a car for our stay but had no problem getting a taxi on those nights we wanted to indulge and not worry about the drive home. No problem. Few minor issues with the house. The pump got a leak and the hot tub was a little too hot. Both addressed very quickly. Within 1 1/2 hours. This is our 9th or 10th visit. Lisa at Vacation Vistas was fantastic to work with. The house was beautiful and our vacation was the best ever. A good rental company can make or break your stay.
    I strongly agree with James about privacy. Having a stranger show up unannounced is unacceptable. Been there!

  2. I am planning a family trip to St. John in June 2008 for 5 adults and a 15 year old. Does anyone have any recommendations as far as the best rental co. to go with or stay away from? I would like a 3-4 bedroom with pool for $3500 or less for the week. I was also hoping to have the kitchen stocked beforehand. Nothing fancy, just the basics. Who’s the best for provisioning?

  3. Norva, I highly recommend Catered To villa rentals.I’ve used them every year since 2001, and have nothing but praises for their staff. Plumeria is one of their villa rentals which may be something like what you’re looking for. I stayed their last year,and it was splendid.I also used Kati-Ladys’ services to beef up the fridge wiyh a welcome basket. It’s a nice touch.

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