8 Tuff Miles to register 1,500


Lincoln Berry's photo of race founder Peter Alter near the finish line. Pictures of all the runners are here.

The 17th annual 8 Tuff Miles race next February will be bigger than ever.  race founder Peter Alter said he;’s gotten the go-ahead, from whomever gives it, to sign up 1,500 people for the race next year on feb. 23rd.

“I still have a feeling this event will sell out long,long before race week so don't procrastinate,” he warned on the race’s Facebook page. “We will allow 600 entries from the states and that registration process will begin on Oct. 1st with Active.com.”  The other 900 will come from the USVI, the BVI and Puerto Rico.

“Once registered there will be no transfers or switching of bib numbers any more,” he cautioned, reminding everyone that the 8 Tuff Miles is not for weenies. “This course is a handful and will make you work for every bit of satisfaction at the Coral Bay finish line.”

Lst year, about 1,000 people registered for the race and 984 finished.

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