8 Tuff Miles Nearly Sold Out; Join Us at Mile 8!

8 Tuff Miles Nearly Sold Out; Join Us at Mile 8! 1

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! Today’s story is short and sweet. Next Saturday, February 29th, is 24th annual 8 Tuff Miles road race. We’re going to be there, and you should too!

Let’s start with the runners. There are less than 100 bib numbers left, so if you want to participate, you need to register online now. Online registration closes tomorrow, February 22nd at noon, so be sure to get that done today.

If you are not familiar with 8 Tuff Miles, it’s a pretty incredible road race that begins in Cruz Bay and ends out in Coral Bay. The course is 8.3 miles long, starts at sea level, climbs to an elevation of 1,000 feet, and then goes back down to sea level. And for those of you who have driven Centerline Road where the race takes place, you will know that there are many curves and hills along the way. Hence the name – 8 Tuff Miles.

For those of you who will be on island and want to participate, but you don’t want to run or walk the 8.3 miles, you can join me out at Mile 8. For the past four years, my friends and I have manned mile marker 8, handing out water, Gatorade and more shots that you could ever imagine. Last year, we went through about 15 bottles of liquor and 80 beers. So needless to say, it’s a St. John-style road race. 🙂

If you are interested in joining me at Mile 8, please send an email to [email protected].

And at the end of the race, there is an awards ceremony/party over at Mongoose Junctions. So it’s simply a great day all around. Please visit www.8TuffMiles.com for more information.


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  1. It’s an amazing experience for sure! Mile 8 water stop is the best…once you get that far you realize you’re not going to die after all! You’ll see us next year for our 3rd go round celebrating our 60th birthday!

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