2018 Seasonal Closings List

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We’ve been getting a lot of emails and Facebook messages asking us about this year’s seasonal restaurant and bar closings. It’s a tad early still, so a few businesses are still deciding whether they are going to stay open or when they will close and, if so, for how long. That being said, this list may be updated from time to time, so please check back often.

If I missed anything, please let me know in the Comments sections and I will add it in.

You can also find the list at www.newsofstjohn.com/seasonalclosings

Click here to download a printable PDF version of this list. 

  • 420 to Center: Staying open
  • Aqua Bistro: Staying open
  • Asolare: Closed permanently due to storms
  • Banana Deck: Last day is August 26; Reopening date TBD
  • Barefoot Cowboy Lounge: Closed due to storms
  • Beach Bar: Closed due to storms; Will reopen this fall
  • Bikinis on the Beach: Staying open
  • Cafe Concordia: Closed due to storms
  • Cafe Roma: Staying open
  • Candie’s: Closed due to storms
  • Caneel Bay Resort: Closed due to storms
  • Château Bordeaux: Closed due to storms
  • Chester’s: Closed
  • Cinnamon Bay Campground: Closed due to storms
  • Columbo’s Smoothie Stand: No info yet.
  • Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis: Last day is July 20; Reopening October 1
  • Cruz Bay Landing: Staying open
  • da Livio’s: Staying open
  • De’ Coal Pot: Closed due to storms
  • Dog House Pub: Staying open
  • DR!NK: Closing August 11th through mid-October
  • Driftwood Dave’s: Closed due to storms
  • Extra Virgin Bistro: Last night is August 25; Reopening date TBD
  • Gecko Gazebo: Closing September 6 through 11 for maintenance
  • Greengo’s: Staying open
  • Hercules: No info yet.
  • High Tide:  Staying open
  • Indigo Grill: TBD
  • Island Cork: Staying open
  • Jake’s: Closed due to storms
  • Joe’s Rum Hut: Closed due to storms; Will reopen this fall
  • Knox & Ollies: Closed due to storms
  • La Tapa: Closing August 12; Reopening in October
  • Lemongrass at the Westin: Closed due to storms; Restaurant will reopen January 2019
  • Lime Inn: Last night is August 25; Reopening October 8
  • Little Olive: Closed for season; Reopening in October
  • Lucky Chops: TBD
  • Margarita Phil’s: Closing last week of August; Reopening last week of October
  • Miss Lucy’s: No info yet.
  • Morgan’s Mango: Staying open; Will continue to close on Wednesdays until week of Thanksgiving
  • Nella’s Lounge: No info yet.
  • North Shore Deli: TBD
  • Ocean 362: Last day is August 27; Reopening October 10
  • Ocean Grill: Closing August 24 through October 5
  • Our Market Smoothies: No info yet.
  • P & P’s: No info yet.
  • Pickles: No info yet.
  • Pizzabar in Paradise: TBD
  • Pizza Pi (Located in Christmas Cove): Last day is July 21; Reopening mid-November
  • Quiet Mon: TBD
  • Rhumb Lines: No info yet.
  • Ronnie’s Pizza: TBD
  • Sam and Jack’s Deli: Staying open
  • Shipwreck Landing: Closed due to storms
  • Skinny Legs: Last day open is August 25; Will reopen on Halloween with a big party!
  • Slimman and the Snack Dragon: Closed due to storms
  • Sogo’s: Closed due to storms
  • St. John Provisions: Staying open
  • St. John Scoops: Staying open
  • Sun Dog Cafe: Closing September 6 through 11 for maintenance
  • Tamarind Inn: Closed due to storms; Reopening date TBD
  • The Bowery: Closed due to storms
  • The Tap & Still: Will be open
  • The Tap Room: Staying open
  • The Thirsty Donkey: Closed due to storms
  • The Fish Trap: Closed permanently; Lucky Chops is now in that location.
  • The Longboard: Closing July 29 through August 1
  • The Terrace: Last day open is August 1st. Reopening mid-September
  • The Triple B: Closed due to storms
  • UMAMI: Closed due to storms
  • Uncle Joe’s: Staying open
  • Waterfront Bistro: Closed due to storms
  • West Indies Delight: No info yet
  • Wok on the Beach: No info yet.
  • Woody’s: Staying open (closed on Sundays)
  • Zozo’s Ristorante: Closed due to storms

11 thoughts on “2018 Seasonal Closings List”

  1. Thank you Jenn for this list. Do you know when the construction will start on Joe’s Rum Hut and Beach Bar? It looks like both are “Fall” reopenings so it would probably have to start soon? Are the delays due to permits and construction codes? We are looking forward to our November visit!

  2. Is Candie’s going to reopen at all? We missed her in April/May and are hoping she’ll be open for our Nov/Dec trip. We LOVE her food!

  3. Love your blog!!! Wondering if there is word about Zozo’s ever opening again?? Our favorite restaurant… thank you

  4. Thanks Jen,
    Just booked for September and this will come in handy. So hope North Shore Deli and other favorites stay open. A lot of accomodations were boomed so have to wonder how “off” season September will actually be.

  5. Any updates on the businesses that will be open or closed for the end of October? That is when we will be down there. (Oct20-24)

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