2016 Seasonal Closing List

Closed Sign

It’s that time of year folks. Here is the list of this year’s seasonal closings…

Please note: You can now access the list directly at www.newsofstjohn.com/seasonalclosings

You can also download a printable PDF copy by clicking here.

  • 420 to Center: Staying open.
  • Aqua Bistro: Closing September 6 through September 20
  • Asolare: Staying open.
  • Baked in the Sun: Staying open.
  • Banana Deck: Closing September 1 through TBD
  • Barefoot Cowboy Lounge: Closing September 11 through September 18
  • Beach Bar: Staying open.
  • Cafe Concordia: Closes August 15th; Reopens on Thanksgiving
  • Cafe Roma: Closed September 5; Reopening October 6
  • Candie’s: No info yet.
  • Caneel Bay Resort (including restaurants): Closing August 24; Reopening November 1
  • Château Bordeaux: No info yet.
  • Chester’s: Staying open
  • Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis: Closed; Reopening September 4
  • Cruz Bay Landing: Staying open
  • da Livio’s: No info yet.
  • De’ Coal Pot: Staying open
  • Dog House Pub: Staying Open
  • DR!NK: Closing August 12 through mid-October
  • Driftwood Dave’s: Staying open
  • Etta’s West Indian Cuisine: Closed through August 3.
  • Extra Virgin Bistro: Closed August 15 through September 27
  • High Tide: Staying open.
  • Indigo Grill: Closing for three week in mid-September (Exact dates not yet determined)
  • Jake’s: Staying open
  • Joe’s Rum Hut: Closes September 12; Reopening October 1
  • La Tapa: Closing August 19. Reopening date TBD.
  • Lemongrass at the Westin: Staying Open
  • Lime Inn: Closing September 7; Reopening October 24
  • Little Olive: Closed August 26 through September 19. Summer hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. begin August 8.
  • Margarita Phil’s: Closing after Labor Day through mid-October.
  • Miss Lucy’s: No info yet.
  • Morgan’s Mango: Staying open
  • North Shore Deli: Closing September 15 through September 23
  • Ocean 362: Closing September 1 through October 4
  • Ocean Grill: Last day is August 26; Reopening September 14
  • P & P’s: No info yet.
  • Pickles: No info yet.
  • Quiet Mon: Closing mid-September through mid-October (Exact dates not yet determined)
  • Rhumb Lines: Closing September 16 through October 20
  • Ronnie’s Pizza: Closed through mid-September
  • Sam and Jack’s Deli: Closing Sundays in September
  • Shipwreck Landing: Closing the last week of August; Will reopen around the first week of November
  • Skinny Legs: Closing August 15; Reopening October 2
  • Sogo’s: No info yet
  • St. John Scoops: Staying open
  • Sun Dog Cafe: Closing October 3 through October 10
  • Sushi St. John: Closes September 20 through September 30
  • T’ree Lizards Restaurant (Cinnamon Bay Campground): Closed September & October
  • Tamarind Inn: No info yet
  • The Bowery: Will close Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays beginning August 14
  • The Tap Room: Staying Open
  • The Fish Trap: Closing August 19; Reopening September 19
  • The Longboard: Staying open.
  • The Terrace: August 6 through September 10
  • Tourist Trap: Closed permanently
  • Uncle Joe’s: No info yet.
  • Vie’s Snack Shack: No info yet
  • Virgin Fire: Closed permanently (Now Viva Cantina)
  • Vista Mare: Closes October 1; Reopening October 21
  • Viva Cantina: Closed September 6 through October 3
  • Waterfront Bistro: Closes September 6; Reopening October 7
  • West Indies Delight: No info yet.
  • Woody’s: Staying open
  • X on St. John: Staying open
  • Zozo’s Ristorante: Last day is August 20; Reopening November 1

5 thoughts on “2016 Seasonal Closing List”

  1. I realize this may be a bit silly of a question so I apologize. We are arriving on 8/27 for a 9 day stay. What restaurants are open and family friendly (I am travelling with my 16 and 18 yo kids) in Coral Bay? Thank you!

    • These would be my picks: baked in the sun, cafe Roma, Cruz bay landing, jakes (we love breakfast there), lime inn, margarita phils, Morgan mango, miss Lucy’s, ocean 362 (more fancier dinning food not dress), sun dog cafe, uncle joes, and scoops (ice cream). These are some of the places we hit when we go there that will be open for the time your there. Hope this helps! Have a great time. If you like to snorkel make sure you hit Maho Bay for seeing sea turtles, sting rays n other fish. You don’t have to go far to see these sea creatures.

  2. Don’t forget about The Triple B! We’ll be open Sat-Tues 8am-1pm serving breakfast and brunch to Coral Bay till Sept 6th, which will be our end of the year party! Coral Bay Labor Day Melee till sunset after our parade! All are welcome❤️❤️❤️

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