Festival’s over, but the pictures linger on

Several of the island's best photographers, as well as visitors, captured the color, fun, excitement, and sounds of the finale to the St. John Festival over the July 4th weekend.  From J'ouvert before dawn to the final clap of thunder from the fireworks, they've made it possible for you to see what went on.

St. Thomas Blog posted more than two dozen video clips from the big parade. They're all hand-held, sometimes difficult to watch because it's shaky and the sound is rough.  But, if you weren't there in person, try a clip or two, just for fun.  Start watching here.

ChanyVI1025 was up early for J'ouvert on July 4.  On his YouTube video, he said the event "was a little on the small side but hey!! At 4:30 in the morning, let's tramp behind the steel pans anyway. Happy Carnival." See the video here.

And if you want to see hundreds of great still images of the Festival Parade, captured by Bill Stelzer on his new Canon D60, go here.  Bill, who has an exhibition at Bajo el Sol, said the Festival pictures were the first he's taken with a digital SLR.

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