Zuber, Gracie win St. John’s 8 Tuff Miles

Jeremy Zuber of St. John won Saturday’s 13th annual 8 Tuff Miles race.  It is the sixth time in a row the 28-year-old Caneel Bay employee has won the race.  His time for the 8.38 mile Cruz Bay to Coral Bay course was 49 minutes 35 seconds. That was 12 seconds slower than his time last year. 

The race’s finish report says Zuber’s pace was 5.5 miles an hour – which doesn’t make sense to me.  You run almost 8 miles in less than an hour, your place should be better than 8 mile san hour. No?

Among women, Heather Gracie of Peapack, New Jersey was first.  Her finishing time of 1 hours 3 minutes and 40 seconds gave her a reported pace of 7.36 miles an hour (Again, i don’t trust this.).

Other ‘notable’ finishers include Luigi Costello, owner of Verace Jewelers at Wharfside.  He offered to match contributions made in support of other runners who beat him across the finish line.  Costello finished 60th overall.  There were some 800 entrants in the race; 782 finished..

The youngest competitors to finish were six-year-olds Kyle Sapio, Kai Copeland, Terra Ehrhart, and Lily Schutt.  Each lives on the island.

The most senior finisher was Velma Pullen, also of St. John.  The 80-year-old had a time of two hours, 28 minutes 9 seconds and a pace of 17.41 miles an hour.

Video of the start of the race posted on YouTube by Steve Simonsen.

Full race results are available at http://www.8tuffmiles.com/2009 OVERALL FINISH.HTM

4 thoughts on “Zuber, Gracie win St. John’s 8 Tuff Miles”

  1. Hi Frank,
    Honest mistake dude, no worries. Race times are usually posted as minute per mile. It can be confusing at times even to us runners! Thanx for covering the race and also note I am donating one dollar for EVERY finisher to the scholarship fund in addition to any matching funds. Keep up the good work for St. John Frank and Be Well

  2. Hmmm. I did the math and got 5.92 Min/Mile.
    Not that it makes much diff.
    49 min times 60 = 2940 secs
    plus 35 secs = 2975 secs
    Divide 8.38mi into 2975 = 355 sec/mile
    Divide 355 by 60 = 5.916 min/mile
    Is 5.5 island time???? 🙂

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