Zozo’s …. Sold out! You’ve been warned.

Damn.  The Inquiring Iguana needs to shut up.

He and Mrs. I.I. like to wrap up a stay on the island with a bar-top view of the sunset from the third floor of Zozo's at Gallows Point. 

We sit at the bar with about 12 other people who are also splurging, enjoying good food and wine (often Jordan Chardonnay).  We also bring along business cards to promote rentals of our wonderful villa, Blue Tang. (That makes dinner a marketing expense. Right?)

Anyway, the Iguana called for reservations for Friday evening.  Called Tuesday.  Got shut out.  Called a second time, talking I thinjk to John Ferigino – the owner and genius who runs the place. Not only were the bar seats with the gorgeous sunset view sold out Friday, they were also full for the sunset hour Thursday and Wednesday.

The Iguana is going to stop talking about his favorite things, like Zozo's.  Moral of the story, reserve your seat before you get to the island.

Anybody like to  make a suggestion for our final feast on island.  Make your suggestion here.  We've already been to La Plancha (watch for that review), Morgan's Mango (Monday night with photographer-extraordinare Bob Schlesinger and his wife Karin).

22 thoughts on “Zozo’s …. Sold out! You’ve been warned.”

  1. I’m having a hard time feeling bad for you…the fact that you get to live on St John and eat at Zozo’s at any point during the week….hmmmm…I’d be willing to trade spots with you…lol… 😉

  2. Our favorite for a couple years now has been the Waterfront Bistro; have eaten there at sunset several times, typically as an end of trip wrap up. We have had wonderful food, service, sunsets and it is just plain fun watching the ferry come and go and beach activity, with an easy stroll down to the Beach Bar for a night cap:) Haven’t been to Zo Zo’z for years but do remember very much enjoying the views and food.

  3. Have not gone to Zozo’s since they met me, my husband, and our very well-behaved 4-year old at the door and told us we couldn’t come in with our child. No problem, we just went back to the Beach Bar, where the bar tender made our son a virgin manjo folate, got out the connect 4 game, made everyone welcome.
    Hence, we only go their for our in-town sunsets.

  4. ZoZo’s is a special treat for my on island guests….BUT, we know to make reservations well in advance. Bartenders are great to watch, the food is yummy and the view is wonderful! Especially compared to what we hear from the weatherman in DC. UGH! Lovin Life on STJ!!

  5. Hi Anne, funny our family had a very similar experience. Except that they DID seat us at an undesireable table. The service was extemely FAST!! We had a bottle of wine, appetizers and main course in less then 1 hour. We were not even offered dessert/ just a very hefty check.
    I WISH they had sent us way sounds like you had a much more enjoyable night!!
    I will never go back, even with “grown” children.

  6. We own a timeshare for two weeks at Sunset Ridge, high above Cruz Bay. There is no better place to watch the sunset, in my opinion, than from our patio! In fact, although we enjoy the restaurants on St. John, we usually opt to cook at home with our guests and enjoy the view with delicious food, a few glasses of wine and no wait for a table. 🙂

  7. We won’t patronize ZoZos as we had a negative experience. Several years ago we went there for dinner with our 2 (older)teenage children. We were treated rudely and it was made obvious they did not want the teens there. There are so many other inviting restaurants to enjoy.

  8. We have been patronizing ZoZo’s for our wedding anniversary in January since our original dinner celebrating our marriage on St John. I have always made my reservations prior to our arrival and have never been disappointed! While we have never dined with children there, it would appear that it may be a little high end/pricey for pre teen children. Just my opinion but I would be disappointed to be seated at ZoZo’s next to a table with small children.

  9. Never been to Zozo’s, and probably know why….$35 for Mahi-Mahi…WTF? And probably “gourmet” portions too!!!! If I do ever go though, I’m happy to know they discourage kids….nothing worse than a “romantic” night out with a kid screaming!!!!

  10. I agree…last summer we were rushed through our dinner and the servers were obviously untrained! What a disappointment! We love to linger over our wine…Virgilio’s on STT was a superb experience. Zozo’s paled in comparison. This summer we will try the personal chef at the villa with our adult children :-).

  11. Since our accommodations are at the east end, we enjoy more than one night out at Miss Lucy’s, where the portions are big enough for two to share, with a great choice of entrees, and the view on the right nights is of the moon rising! We would rate Zozo’s somewhere in the middle of the pack for food/service, although the view is great.

  12. My guest and I will be on the island for the week of Valentine’s day. Zozo’s was highly recommended from a former islander. I already made my reservation for a sunset dinner at Zozo’s. I was told they have a four(4) course meal for the evening. I look forward to spending the evening with my honey, my good friends, good food and a bottle of wine at sunset in what i think is Paradise. What else can you ask for?

  13. Cafe Roma is a great resturant for children..Also the Banana Deck is great for sunsets and kids. Friendly staff and great food at a rasonable price.Also Lime Inn is a nice place to eat with kids.No sunset view. St John resturant are pretty pricey but it is all worth it in the end…You can usally bring your own bottle of wine and be charged a small corking fee.My husband and I live here and we eat out every Friday night. One Friday it is Cafe Roma and the next week it is Banana Deck and then to Lime inn for chocolate moouse for desert…It is awsome..

  14. A little elitist are we??? Surprised at all this bashing you are doing lately. If I ever am fortunate enough to own an establishment on St John you will not be welcome.

  15. We vacation on STJ nearly every year. Zozo’s had been special for us even from their first location. When we discovered sunsets at their current spot, we were hooked, and went several times per vacation for cocktails and appetizers for sunset. Although we have family members who were there this past trip and raved about the food, we will never go back. On one visit, prior to being able reserve bar seats, we were there for our usual multiple drinks and aptz, with 4 of us taking up only 2 barstools, as the 2 men were standing. After finishing our food, and when ordering another round of drinks, we were asked to move to the tables at the back. I spent too many years in the restaurant business and too much money at Zozo’s, to be treated that way- it was embarrassing.

  16. We too were told “no” at Zozo’s AFTER making the reservation for 9 over the phone with no indication that children were not allowed and for a very busy Saturday night. They sat us but only because my MIL was pissed and would not take “no” for an answer. There was no way we were going to find another 9 person table at 7.30pm on a Saturday night in December. We felt rushed, and the child was fine, and I will never go back there because of it. Sorry.
    It was bad form on Zozo’s part. They should mention the policy on every phone call, every menu (all villas have their menu) and at every reservation taken.

  17. I hope you will enjoy the human waste stench too that follows you around this “pristine Island” the trash that lies all around. the hatefulness of islanders who insist you bid them good morning…..etc welcome to paradise!YOU can have it…maybe you all have been smoking too much DOPE to notice…

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