ZoZo’s H20 Opens Today!

ZoZo's H20 Opens Today! 1 ZoZo’s H20 opens tonight on Lovango Cay. Image credit: Anne Bequette

The day is finally here, and I could not be more excited! ZoZo’s H20 is reopening today on Lovango Cay!

Last summer, I was invited to meet Mark Snider at his hotel in Nantucket, Massachusetts. (I happened to be traveling in that area when he first reached out to me, asking to meet on St. John. So I was fortunate to be able to visit and spend a few nights at the Nantucket Hotel, which is beautiful by the way.) Mark told me how he was planning to build a resort on Lovango Cay, and he wanted to pick my brain a bit about St. John, its people, its visitors and the community as a whole. Mark also dropped a bombshell on me during that meeting – he told me that ZoZo’s was coming back, and I was stunned. And needless to say, I was super excited.

During that meeting, Mark told me that ZoZo’s would reopen February 1st on Lovango Cay. Knowing how very real “island time” is in the Caribbean, I doubted him. Mark assured me he would prove me wrong, and I happily accepted the challenge. Well today, I am so eager to tell you all that Mark and John Ferrigno, the owner of ZoZo’s, did it. ZoZo’s H20 officially opens today, and I could not be happier for them both.

I was invited to its launch party earlier this week, as was my friend Anne Bequette. Anne is a wonderful photographer, and she took numerous pics during the two-hour event. Here are a few of Anne’s pics showing the space…

ZoZo's H20 Opens Today! 2 A dock & waterfront walkway. Image credit: Anne Bequette
ZoZo's H20 Opens Today! 3 The first guests arrive. Image credit: Anne Bequette
ZoZo's H20 Opens Today! 4 The main dining space. Image credit: Anne Bequette
ZoZo's H20 Opens Today! 5 Waterfront seating. Image credit: Anne Bequette
ZoZo's H20 Opens Today! 6 The bar area. Image credit: Anne Bequette
ZoZo's H20 Opens Today! 7 Bar swings. Image credit: Anne Bequette
ZoZo's H20 Opens Today! 8 Bench seating beside the bar. Image credit: Anne Bequette
ZoZo's H20 Opens Today! 9 The kitchen. Image credit: Anne Bequette
ZoZo's H20 Opens Today! 10 Three hiking trails are available for guests to enjoy. Image credit: Anne Bequette

ZoZo's H20 Opens Today! 11

It looks pretty great. doesn’t it?!

ZoZo’s H20 will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week. It is located on Lovango Cay, which is a short, 10-minute or so boat ride from Cruz Bay. You can arrive by private boat or by taking Lovango’s new ferry service which is provided by Cruz Bay Watersports. You can book your ferry spot online by clicking this link. Ferries will leave from Cruz Bay and Red Hook. There is a small fee to take the ferry. You could also arrive by private boat.

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17 thoughts on “ZoZo’s H20 Opens Today!”

  1. This is something my husband and I would like to do when we visit in April.
    I have a question about the ferry service.
    Why should it cost $10.00 more just to stay and walk or hike on the island?

  2. As much I love Zozo’s ( old ), Transport is way too expensive to get there for 1.5 hours . I guess it will be great for first time tourists.

  3. I read that it’s $20 per person for the 10 minute ferry ride. That’s $80 for my party of 4 before the steep lunch bill. We might spring for it once but I think that is probably it.

    If it came with a $10 per person voucher toward lunch or a complimentary round of drinks I’d feel differently.

  4. I wish them luck but this doesn’t seem to be sustainable long term. While Zozo’s has always been on the ‘high side’ of expense it’s food justified at least one visit per trip. However, a $40/couple cover charge will be a tough sell to many. I realize it’s not truly a ‘cover charge’ but given one would need to deal with parking fees in Cruz Bay just to take the ferry over, that’s essentially what is is.

  5. The Starfish Market deli and Caribbean Oasis takeout businesses are gonna be hard-hit by ZZ’s coming online. Those guys will be absolutely devastated by the loss of upscale biznis from the Caneel Bay and Gallows types. But those of us with meager Social Security retirement income who rent houses in the Coral Bay area and think our visits to St John mean leisurely dinners in shorts/t-shirt/sandals will have no choice but to continue with our allegiance to affordable island dining options owned and operated by hard-working locals.

  6. two post prior about this and it states they have sunset dinner experience that ends at 7pm and 8pm. So what’s up with the 6pm reference?

  7. sadly I wont be going. Free ferry , maybe but for their prices and charging for getting there forget it. Good luck, the prices were ridiculous to start but I was willing to pay back in the day and later at Caneel which was great spot for them. Not now. Maybe tourists will flock there but sorry, not interested.

  8. I am so glad we will be there right before the closing in June. Supporting the rebuilding of Zo Zo’s and our Massachusetts/St. John connections is well worth the Ferry Ride over.

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