ZoZo’s H20 Not Reopening on Lovango

ZoZo's H20 Not Reopening on Lovango 1

Well folks, we have sad news to share with you all today. ZoZo’s H20 has decided not to reopen on Lovango and is no longer affiliated with the Lovango Beach Club and Resort.

ZoZo’s H2o opened on Lovango Cay back in February. (Lovango Cay is roughly a 10-minute boat ride from Cruz Bay.) It was the first time that ZoZo’s had reopened following the 2017 hurricanes. ZoZo’s was located at Caneel Bay from 2013 to 2017 and at Gallows Point prior to that. It originally opened in the current Extra Virgin Bistro spot back in 1999.

ZoZo’s H20 was scheduled to be opened from February through June, and then planned to close until December. At that time, it would reopen when the Beach Club at Lovango first opened. The Beach Club is currently under construction.

After chatting with John Ferrigno, the owner of ZoZo’s H20, and Mark Snider, the owner of Lovango Resort & Beach Club, it appears that there was an issue regarding lease terms.

Unfortunately there are not any plans to reopen ZoZo’s elsewhere, according to John. He added, “if it’s not on St. John, it’s not ZoZo’s.”

Mark Snider said they are continuing to build out the next phase of the Lovango Resort and Beach Club. They do plan to have another restaurant in place upon the reopening.

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35 thoughts on “ZoZo’s H20 Not Reopening on Lovango”

  1. Look for a location that works in Coral Bay, we could use a ‘draw’ to get visitors to visit our small businesses.

    • Definitely gonna miss this spot. I had the rump roast on opening day. So tender and moist. Every stab of the fork was increasingly better. Plz reopen anywhere but Coral Bay. Bus is too unreliable.

    • Definitely gonna miss this spot. I had the rump roast on opening day. So tender and moist. Every stab of the fork was increasingly better.

  2. John,get a person w/$ to be a minority owner to avoid issues like these in the future.This venture must have cost a bundle.Zo Zo’s is and has been a much loved spot for years. It would work. Just a thought!

  3. Sad news we were looking forward to visiting ZoZo’s our next trip. I wish they would go to Wharfside where Waterfront Bistro used to be. Come on John we miss ZoZo’s.

  4. Sad to hear this. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at ZoZo’s H2O the week they opened in February. The food was great, the atmosphere wonderful, and the views spectacular. We have been fans of ZoZo’s for years and have dined at most of their previous locations, including Gallows.

  5. So disappointed $$
    Went there last year and it !$
    Let be up a group to go this year .
    Have always enjoyed ZOZO’s in all your f its locations over the many years . Always a highlight of our 2 month stay over last 11 years going there several times during our time each year on Island .
    Hope they can find a new location .
    Waterfront Bistro sounds like a good Idea to us !!
    to see them back as strong as ever .
    Connie & Bill

  6. Unfortunately, my initial doubts about viability panned out. Restaurant business is thin margin risky to begin with and although the ZoZo reputation brought in clients, location and logistics were going to make it even more challenging. I am certain leeway on rental terms was provided initially to help in startup and indeed ZoZo’s would have needed favorable terms to make a go of it.
    When it came time to review the terms, the resort saw reasonable volume and probably needed to get more rent to finance elsewhere. ZoZo’s wouldn’t be able give more this early in its development so here we are.
    I certainly hope ZoZo’s finds a place as it truly has been a jewel in the STJ restaurant scene.

    • I agree the food is fabulous. I think it was just too expensive for people who live and work here. If the ride out to Zozo’s was $10 per person instead on $40, perhaps more residents could have afforded it. To be a successful restaurant on St. John you need a strong resident clientele to carry you through off season. There was no way we could afford to add $80 to the cost of a our meal. If the next restaurant that opens on Lovango provides a free shuttle to the restaurant for residents, they will develop a loyal resident clientele

  7. In early March we had the most romantic waterside sunset dinner at ZoZo’s! So much that a friend was planning to propose to his lady at ZoZo’s on a trip in mid June. Zozo’s would be great in Coral Bay!

  8. John, a natural spot, with lots of customers who LOVE you could be found at The Westin! Do not know what management wants there but we, the winter residents, would be frequent customers. Please come back to St,John, the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. We had a wonderful lunch with you on Lovango in February but island-side is where you belong! Like many others, we have followed you at all four of your locations. St. John needs you and the wonderful Extra Virgin both – 2 great restaurants to spread the goodness! Best, MaryLou and Joseph Peters

  9. We have the great fortune to eat there this past February. Best meal we had the whole time. I hope they find another location. Viral Bay would be fantastic!

  10. What a shame, and enormous waste of money for the owner.
    I really enjoyed the Gallows location. Best sunset dinner, and the food was magnifique!

  11. John should talk to Brion Morrisette about rebuilding his family home, (Asolare). That’s a great fit for Zozo profile.

  12. Very sad!

    I’ve been a patron of ZoZo’s since 1999 and never missed an opportunity to eat there whenever on island.

    Hopefully John Ferrigno will find a suitable new location and carry on ZoZo’s tradition of excellent dining.

    • Just wondering how much damage those anchors did to the beautiful reef …..snorkeled there many times…
      Also curious where all the black and grey water went…..great trump roast or not…

  13. We have been going to ZoZo’s since it was in Gallows Point! It will be missed greatly as it was a highlight we looked forward to everytime we came down.John we will miss your friendly face and your wonderful restaurant.

  14. This is so sad. We were there the first day they opened. A real bummer.
    Feel bad for John…
    Oh well…not sure we will will get back down there. Crazy times!

  15. Really will moss zozos. Have been going there since 2006. Hopefully they will find a new location on st john. Food at the westin has always been passe. Maybe they could make a deal there. Or somewhere.

  16. I’m sorry but we weren’t impressed. We went there twice in February and it just wasn’t good, especially for the price. When it was on St John we would eat there 10-15 times a year. It’s still sad.

  17. So sad! We always looked forward to going to Zozo’s. The best restaurant on STJ. Please move back to Cruz Bay. Please don’t go to Coral Bay. Too far in taxi and not convenient to clientele.

  18. Been a fan of Zozo’s forever. Best restaurant on the island. Visited John on Lovango in February. The meal was delicious as usual. I am sure Zozo’s will return to St John Peter

  19. Have know John since 2002 when I moved to St. John. The one thing you can say is that the food and service were consistently of the highest quality. It was always a treat to go to Zozo’s. The location meant nothing. I enjoyed myself at everyone of the locations although having never gone to Lovango. Wishing John the best in the future knowing that Zozo’s will be missed.

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