Ziggy, the World Famous Island Pig, is On the Move!

ziggy sand

Ziggy the piggy is on the move … and he may be coming to a town near you!

I have to say, I was pretty sad when I heard Ziggy’s plan to leave island … but it sounds like he’s got a pretty cool little adventure in store for him!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ziggy, the world famous island pig, he’s a four-year-old “mini teacup” pig. Well, that’s what his parents, Kristin and Jay, were told when they got him a few years back. It turns out that plans changed a bit and Zigs is now a happy and healthy 220-pound lovable little fella. “It’s just more to love,” Kristin told us earlier this year.

After three years of living in paradise. Kristin and Jay have decided to share Ziggy with America. The plan is to buy an RV and travel to all of America’s National Parks. So be on  the lookout, he just may be in a town near you.

Kristin said she plans on blogging about Ziggy’s adventures, so we can all keep tabs on our favorite island pig. Great idea!

Want to know more about Ziggy, the world famous island pig? Click here to read a little profile we did on him back in January. 

8 thoughts on “Ziggy, the World Famous Island Pig, is On the Move!”

  1. Dang! I have yet to meet Ziggy and now he’ll be gone before I get back to the Island next May. But I do live not too far from Valley Forge National Park in Pa.,so maybe I’ll see him there. Will have to follow his blog. Good luck and have fun! 🙂

  2. Before donating, here’s what I would want to know: if they don’t raise enough money for the flight, will they be refunding the donations? If not, the whole thing comes across as sketchy.

  3. Looks like the post has been edited to delete the crowdfunding reference. Not sure which one they are using, but want to see their post. Anybody remember which site?


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