If You’re Going to Travel Off Island, You Have to Visit…

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I visited a new bar yesterday – well new to me – and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I’d share it with all of you. It’s called Corsairs and it’s now at the top of my favorite off island places to visit.

Corsairs is a fun, quirky little spot located in Great Harbor over on Jost Van Dyke, which is the same spot that Foxy’s famous bar is. It’s located just a few steps from the dock to your left if you’re walking toward shore.

Corsairs opened back in 2003 by a man named Vinny. Vinny told me he came to Jost Van Dyke by way of the island of Coney – yup. he’s a bit of a smart ass, which makes him all that more likable in my opinion. He ended up in this part of the world after sailing down to St. John where he ran a charter business before purchasing Corsairs.

“I saw the writing on the wall and made a deal,” he said about purchasing Corsairs whose walls happened to be covered in years worth of signs, signatures and scribblings.

corsairs sign

Vinny was quick to point out that Corsairs happens to be the number one bar in all of the British Virgin Islands, which is pretty impressive considering there are 191 in total.

“It’s pretty simple down here,” Vinny said of maintaining his top ranking. “Good food and good people.”

Speaking of food, we only stopped for drinks but have heard from several folks that Corsairs food is top notch. I can vouch for the drinks personally, however. Vinny poured my friends and I a cup of Voodoo. I’m not sure what it was, but it was absolutely delicious.

vinny corsairs
voodoo corsairs
My Voodoo drink

According to Vinny, Corsairs is open eight days a week from 9-ish till the last one falls. They may take a break during the afternoon from time to time if the bar is slow. In that case, just go look for him on the beach.

corsairs view
The view from Corsairs

2 thoughts on “If You’re Going to Travel Off Island, You Have to Visit…”

  1. We spent a week on Jost this summer and went to Corsairs a couple of nights. It was nearing the end if the season so the menu was ‘limited’. We ordered pizza from our 13 year old waiter who proceeded to go in the kitchen, toss the dough and make us a fabulous pizza! BTW he also drove our drunk behinds home after we finished partying with his dad, (our taxi driver), and his uncle! A very memorable night to say the least!!

  2. I want to party with Dee.

    I love that fighting chair at the end of the bar. Not the most comfortable for relaxing but cool photo ops!

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