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mooseWell we might have not won the lottery last night, but someone else here on island did … Well, sort of.

You all remember the story about Moose, right? He’s the super cute dog who had been living at the Animal Care Center for more than four-and-a-half years. A big push was made several months back to get Moose into a loving home before his fifth shelter anniversary. Well the push worked and Moose went to live with a woman in St. Thomas. That, sadly, was short lived, and before we knew it, Moose was back here on St. John.

In an effort to help Moose with some of his challenges, he went to obedience training over on St. Thomas. He quickly flourished as we all knew he would. At that time, we all knew that Moose was a lovable, adoptable pet. The only challenge was finding the right forever family for him. Well that family was found.

Meet Amelia, Bella, and Carissa, three little girls who live in the Boston area and are super excited about their new dog:

mooses new family

girls pic

So Moose had found his forever family, but how the heck is he going to get to Boston? Well some fantastic people stepped forward to help with that too. Here’s what happened straight from Moose’s very own Facebook page:

An amazing family from New York heard about his plea for a ride and WOW are they rolling out the red carpet for Moose. Shelter Manager, Ryan, and Moose leave on Saturday, Jan. 23 with them on their plane to New York, and if that isn’t enough, this gracious family has then booked a car service for them to go from NY to Boston. We are beyond grateful for Patty, Ron, Vince and Michele Riggi for their dedication to all the animals they have saved, but most especially for giving Moose a ride to his forever home. We are one month away from it being 5 years at the shelter and thanks to this family, Moose will never see that anniversary. Thank you EVERYONE who has shared Moose’s request for a ride. The power of social media really works and Team Moose in both St. John and Boston are thrilled that he is finally going home.

My gosh, I have to admit, that brought a little tear to my eye.

So I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of you who shared Moose’s story and helped him in any and every way. And a HUGE thank you to the Riggi family. You all are an amazing family. Thanks for spreading some love in our little slice of paradise.

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