Your Daily Dose of St. John: Honeymoon Beach

Hello folks and happy Friday! We have a super special visitor in town, which is why we’ve been light on the news over the past couple of days. However, we do know how you all need your daily dose of St. John to get you through the day … especially on a Friday!

So today we’re turning to our friend Christian Wheatley, who is an amazing photographer here on island. Christian recently created this mini tour of Honeymoon Beach, and it’s pretty spectacular. And for those of you watching from work, no need to worry – sound is optional. Enjoy!

You can check out more of Christian’s work here.

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  1. This is where I was married nearly 10 yrs ago, climbing aboard our classic Hinckley sailing yacht Malabar from the beach, by Captain Greg. It was when Honeymoon Beach was pristine, quiet, and clear of commercialism.

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