Would You Like Fries With That?

mcdonaldsSay it isn’t so … McDonald’s is coming to Cruz Bay? I’m not buying it, but here’s what’s going on…

Early Friday morning, an ad popped up on Craigslist for “New McDonalds Seeking Help” and by 9 a.m., I had a ton of emails from you guys asking about it. Here’s a portion of what the ad said:

“McDonalds is opening a new franchise right in the heart of Cruz Bay. Construction is to begin within the month. We are very excited to provide St John with a dearly missed convenience.”

I haven’t heard anything about this, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. So I did what any good little blogger would do. I emailed them for more info. Here’s their response:

“Thank you so much for expressing interest in our new franchise. My business partners and I are very excited to become a part of the St John community! Our goal is to bring fast, convenient, and high quality food to a market severely lacking. We cannot wait to open the doors and start a new chapter for St John.

“As far as the location is concerned, we are not allowed to disclose it at this time. The building is currently leased, and the landlord is honoring the lease through the month. What I can say, however, is that it will be right in the heart of Cruz Bay. We will begin construction on the property July 1st and expect to be open mid-August.”

Ok, so let’s just say this is true, where could it possibly go? The only place that I could see being feasible is at Joe’s Diner, which is located under Cafe Roma. Its been for sale for quite some time, so you just never know.

joes diner st john

And if this does happen, it wouldn’t be the first time St. John had a fast food franchise. There was a Wendy’s over at Wharfside back in the early 90s, but it was destroyed by a fire in 1992 and never reopened. And more recently, there was a Subway over where Across the Street bar now stands.

So what do you all think? Sounds a bit like Palm Tree Charters Express to me. Well that’s because it is. Here’s the real deal…

mcDonalds Craigslist

Actually, I find this amusing. Nice work “Not Stephen Orwell,” nice work.

15 thoughts on “Would You Like Fries With That?”

  1. I hope it’s true & there is not a stinkin’ McDonald’s. Just my two cents worth. I don’t think it’s funny what “Not Stephen Orwell” started.at all. Why would you lie like that?

    • Because, dear Linda, this cowardly “Not Stephen Orwell” is a boarder line alcoholic with too much free time on his or her hands. Suggest that this self proclaimed jokester refrain from drinking and e-mailing.

  2. Thank you News of St. John!
    St. John is exceptionally unique! Unique in that it may be one of only a handful of places left in the western hemisphere that is not cluttered by the “A” typical overly familiar franchised business.
    Again, thank you so for your diligence “although a tad wasteful of your editorial talents“ I am grateful that this has been put to bed!

  3. As one of the readers that wrote you in horror, I say thank you for clearing this up! So relieved it’s not true, questioning the “logic” of the prankster who posted this…??

  4. THANK GOODNESS this was a joke! I just moved here and am thrilled to be away from all the mega stores and corporate food (& I use that word lightly) chains…..

  5. Id like to come open a fast ( not franchise) burger joint in cruz bay. Handmade iron skillet. What agency oversees thus process on St John?

  6. McDonalds a franchise yogart place, all you need know is a boardwalk and you become the New Jersey coast. So much for the St John charm we have been coming for the last 30 years.

  7. That actually was scary. We have a special place here and all St. Johnians need to work towards keeping it that way.

    The new gas station, just over the hill from the old gas station, is learning that when you build something as mega ugly as that, with no regard for community standards of the impact on the local neighborhoods that people will not buy from you. Can you at least please paint it green, and lower the lights at night?

    The Wendy’s did poorly as did the Subway. At the same time, we have a vibrant restaurant/bar scene, all run by locals many of whom are in their businesses on a daily basis, and who in turn support local causes and local businesses. I would hope that McD’s and others would find the place most unwelcoming. Let’s keep it local!

  8. The give away there was “quality food”. I thought it was pretty funny.
    Really though, it makes you think about hitting the “send” key sometimes.

  9. I bit, panicked and felt my heart rate skyrocket. I’m laughing now, but my cardiologist wasn’t amused. Please not ever be true!

  10. Hey The BIG Dog….(and a couple others). Relax, pour yourself a drink and chill. It was just a joke and harmless prank. Don’t get your knickers in a knot. Jeez some folks are just SO sensitive.

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