“Working” Plans for Potential Resort at Concordia Released

view from concordia

A working document was released over the weekend for a potential new resort at the site currently occupied by Concordia Eco-Resort. From what we hear, the deal will close within the next month so we should have some more concrete information then.

We met with Holland Duell Tuesday afternoon. Holland is the President and Founder of LaVie, the company that plans to build this boutique resort at Concordia, which will be entirely designed around ecology and wellness, he said. We got a very good vibe from Holland during our short meeting. He seems to be a huge environmental advocate, and he stressed the project’s Cradle to Cradle initiative. You can read more about that below.

Here is the brochure in its entirety. Please know this is only a working document, and public feedback is strongly encouraged. Let us know what you think…

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23 thoughts on ““Working” Plans for Potential Resort at Concordia Released”

    • The true real official land name is John’s Folly, Never Concordia it Never Exist, I am the True Owner, and i demand you leave ST Jan, ASAP.

  1. Im all for it. They need a real resort on that beautiful end of the island. Hopefully they pick their staff with some island locals and residents then train them to be very polite the way Ritz Carlton does. It is also good for the economy and maybe they will finally get the gas station in Coral bay up and running again. The entire Cruz bay, Chocolate Hole area are packed to the gills and looks like it belongs in St Thomas.

  2. Cool idea. I have a question. If all the roofs have plants growing on them, how do they plan to collect water for their cisterns? Hoping they are not planning to truck it in.

  3. I will say this is right up my alley—Looks amazing. There is something very special about the Salt Pond Bay area and Rams Head. However – It does leave a void. I think about the unique family experiences at Maho Bay Camps, and as I got older, the slightly more mature family vibe at Concrdia. They provide an experience a hotel or resort could not- not matter how “green” or forward thinking. They also made the Island something that other Islands are not. In that respect it’s kinda a bummer!

  4. I appreciate the whole ecology and wellness thing – but just leave St. John alone. Is this just a guise to build and make someone else rich? Is it really needed?

  5. Agree with coolness of the idea but the downside will be the loss of affordable accommodations. I’d imagine this resort will cost Caneel dollars or more.

    • J Hen. also when of my big concerns. Probably not as expensive as Caneel but expect more expensive than the current Concordia brand. It is sad that the less than wealthy individual is being eliminated from visiting the island.

  6. If this thoughtful approach helps contribute to an working economy for those living on the island, why not? I would hate to see salt pond bay more crowded, but I would hate to see SJ continue down the path of ST and SX due to lack of employment, money, etc. The island IS the primary resource for people living there. Use it cautiously for the benefit of all.

  7. Does this mean Concordia is closing? Growing up and staying at Maho almost every year was a magical experience-only to be taken away. I would be so sad to learn that Concordia is following a similar fate would be seriously disappointing.

  8. Horrible news for STJ. I lived in Mandahl before the scar of Concordia. More catering to the ultra rich at the expense of St Johnians. Oh but maybe you can scrub their toilets or serve them drinks! And any company that hires someone as head of ‘finance & conservation’ hasn’t a clue of either.

  9. Looks nice, Caneel is/was billed as an eco wellness resort also. I remember when they put in all the idiot work out stations that were built like crap and no one used.

    As far as water/cistern im sure they’ll put in a desalination plant like caneel has and most likely westin has, which of couse means a big concrete pipe running into the water.

  10. if you ever stayed on that part of the island water is a problem.. i hope a maho bay camper who made it big will step up and make it a camp grounds.Were is the rich camper when you need him or HER!!!!!

  11. I get it. Everybody misses Maho. Me, too. Concordia may be closing, but on the surface this looks like a good, thoughtful project going into an already developed space. And, really, Concordia’s not that cheap. If you don’t want to stay at a luxury resort, live a little, take a chance and rent a place in Coral Bay. There are plenty of small cottages and villas (many eco-friendly and super reasonable) that local residents are providing to fill the gap left by Maho. Try airbnb. If you’ve been here before and you know STJ this would be an excellent way to experience more of the island and contribute to local economy.

  12. Plenty of villa and cottage owners in John’s Folly and Mandahl area priced under this. Will help our business .On my way down to re-open LAMESHUR COTTAGES . How much seaweed do I have to rake up on Sal Pond Beach? Sorry to lose Concordia help in cleaning up the “october” seaweed.

  13. The reality of this is the new resort’s need will negate what Stanley has so inspiringly exemplified in Concordia and Maho. A minimal footprint. The suggested new resort will have needs much higher than Concordia, in terms of water, electricity. It will create much more waste, in terms of tangible garbage as well as things like light pollution, noise, traffic etc. The people building this are not islanders, and are from an urban area. Their idea of low key/eco/minimal is completely different than an islanders, or those who have lived in more rural areas. This suggested resort would be a step in the wrong direction. All our efforts, to Save Coral Bay and others, would be negated with this.
    Of course, the lure of money and jobs is the angle they are taking. But, I promise you, that will be an empty promise. I have lived and worked in Charleston, where the new owners are from. It is not a place where one can earn a large income in hospitality. And I imagine that would not change with them building a resort on STJ.
    I lived on STJ and miss it dearly. I hope to return, and pray it retains its protected innocence and purity. Once it is gone, it is hard to gain back again.

    • I also worked at Concordia, many moons ago 2005-6. Concordia was able to bring people of many walks of life to experience it’s beauty, peace, healing powers and pure natural life. Making this a pricey resort is unwanted, in spirit and reality. Please realize that, even though you are basing your principles on higher standard eco views, having the goal end be monetary goal will never be rooted in what is best for the land and people. Keep it simple, keep it affordable. No ‘panoramic beach pool’. That is what the beach is for! There is nothing that needs to be done to make it beautiful, nature has done that. Follow her lead.

      • I agree with you. By the way, Stanley selengut, doesn’t own the land. The land is in estate 14 John’s folly, however, he and others that stole land are calling it estate Concordia.

  14. We stayed at Concordia just last month for a week. We love & appreciate nature and the simple things so this was perfect! A little like Robinson Crusoe living in the trees! Gone all day, come back to refreshing shower, dinner and soak up the quiet and night noises overlooking that stunning view with cool trade winds off the ocean. Our daughter set her Eno up on the patio deck and slept under the stars!
    Guess I’m content with the very rare uniqueness Concordia offered. You can’t put a price on that experience!
    Sadly, as I post this,Hurricaine Irma hit and devastated the island. No info as yet how Concordia faired. Just very sad. Imagine this will be the time they start future development. So glad we went when we did!

  15. The lure and magnificence of Concordia is it’s simplicity and beauty. The last thing needed is a spa-like resort under the guise of an environmentally friendly destination. We no longer have Maho Bay and now the goal seems to be to take away the last semblance of a natural setting.
    I have little faith of ever staying in those tree-house like tents on the sloping hillside with incredible views during the day and viewing the wide-open starry sky at night. Irma has apparently destroyed our plans of returning and left the door open for a different kind of destruction, which will be man made.

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