Work resumes on south shore gas station

The gas station under construction across from the Westin Resort has had another problem.

The contractor who poured a retaining wall, to hold back the hill around the site, apparently pulled forms off before the concrete had cured. As a result, the wall is not as strong as it should be.  

The Department of Planning and Natural resources ordered work on the project to stop, according to the St. John Source

DPNR is now waiting for Estate Chocolate Hole Realty to submit an engineer’s evaluation of the problem and a possible fix.  “The wall is not going to fall,” DPNR told the Source.

Meanwhile, work is continuing at the site on a canopy over the pumps and the building’s cistern.

DPNR says the bowing retaining wall, which will need to be replaced or buttressed, was not the cause of a recent accident when construction equipment fell onto the wall.


Picture courtesy of No See Um's blog
  • Read the full Source stories: here and here.

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