Win a business on St. John

Gary Moses is willing to sell you his retail liquor store and distributorship, Mixology Warehouse,
for $200.  But you also have to live off island and write an 80-100
word essay about "why you feel this opportunity is for you.  Moses says
he and his boat, Dulcinea, have the urge to wander again after about 17
years on St. John.  "I figured I would offer somebody the opportunity
to own their own successful turn-key business," he explains on the
contest’s Web site.  He’s hoping to generate 8,000 entrants, and find
the luck winner by August.  He said he hopes "the winner is one who is
ready to break out of a ‘rut’ and is ready to start a new life in
paradise."  The Web site is www.myparadisebusiness.com/.

Another business, a St. John landmark, is also for sale at the Web site.  The owners of Cafe Roma are also trying to sell their business through an entry-essay process.  What details there are, are here.

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