WiFi comes to flights to the islands

Gogo-logo-lock US Airways
announced it's completed outfitting all the airline's Airbus 321 aircraft for in-flight Internet access.  Surf the Web, do e-mail, instant messaging and even VPN in the air on flights headed for the Virgin Islands from Philadelphia, Charlotte, Boston and other airports on that airplane type.

One caveat though … US Air says the service kind of dies when you're 100 miles away from the mainland.

It is provided by Gogo Inflight Internet. Read about them here.

US Air says it will charge $4.95 for up to 90 minutes of laptop and mobile device service, $9.95 for three hours on a laptop and $12.95 for use over three hours.  Mobile device access will cost $7.95 for more than 90 minutes of access.

Bummer that off the coast the signal dies, but continental coverage up to 100 miles is better than nothing.

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