Why real estate people are optimistic

There are lots of reasons why island real estate sales people can be confident, despite a record-setting rise in the number of homes for sale on island this winter.

In a study of baby boomers conducted for the National Association of Home Builders, more than half indicated they are "likely" or "very likely" to buy a vacation investment or new primary home in the next 60 months.  There are 70 million boomers, the first of whom turned 60 this month.

2 thoughts on “Why real estate people are optimistic”

  1. Come on Frank!!! Even an economic guru like you knows that STJ is only a mini, mini, mini part of that study. Sure we look for that home away from home, but at the STJ pricing…..don’t think so.
    But hey if that’s what makes folks on STJ optimistic. Great. When they sell one of those homes they make a good commish in any case.

  2. Allan:
    The study really was bullish about sales prospects for “active retirement” communities. But still, we’ve both see a lot of boomer money buy a lot of concrete on the rock. Can’t fight the bulge in the snake’s belly.

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