Why you should be happy St. John is boring

How quiet is it on island?

No See Um's blog says it's so dull that an abandoned shopping cart in front of the Westin Resort driveway is news!

But, as the Inquiring Iguana likes to say, 'Consider the alternative.'

There are still 49 days left in H!^&*($#@ season and so far St. John's doing OK.  A close call, a few brush-back pitches - but nothing bad.

Bottom line: keep smilin' and Relax.

4 thoughts on “Why you should be happy St. John is boring”

  1. That shopping cart just sitting there is no surprise to me!! We have a 2BR villa at the Westin, We just got back in mid September. They leave things everywhere at the Westin very common, I bet you that the employees in the golf carts drove past it all day long and the security guard most likley also saw it!!LOL!! No really I like the Westin but Love St.John!

  2. STJ is a boring place if you are relying on it for a Cancun nightlife. During the winter, though, it is quite lively. In the late summer and early fall it can feel like you are the only non-native on the island, and you probably are!

  3. This is the first time that I have seen ‘no see um’s’ blog and have to wonder what its purpose is. I live in St John and there is nothing on this blog but negative stories about St John or persons wanting to move to the VI, why would anyone want to read this blog that filled with hate for St John? Also all comments on this blog have to be approved thru the blogs owner that is autonomous and if there is a comment left not to support this blog it will not be approved and posted. Why support this blog by linking it here?

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