High electricity rates power Senatorial campaign

Who says things aren’t up to date on St. John?  Not Craig Barshinger, the nearly-perennial candidate for At Large Senator in the Legislature.

Elected Senator in 2004, he lost in 2006 to Carmen Miranda Wesselhoft.  Now, he’s back after easily beating two opponents in a primary last weekend, and campaigning on YouTube.

Barshinger calls soaring electricity rates the number one issue.  "The staggering cost of 50 cents a kilowatt is forcing people to choose between paying their bills and eating," the candidate said in a five-minute video.  "Businesses are being crippled by the rates … new businesses won;t come because electricity here is too expensive and unreliable."  The would-be Senator backs construction of new power plants which would use solar energy by day, and burn coke or natural gas other times.

In the video, he also lashes out at Wesselhoft. "Carmen sold us out for Sirenusa," the huge condominium project which looms over Cruz Bay.  "She was a puppet.

Watch Barshinger’s YouTube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jwuKAf9Gjc.

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