Who is OPEN for Business on St. John?

Who is OPEN for Business on St. John?

Well, September is officially over.  And with the closing of that slowest month of the year, we are starting to see our favorite restaurants opening their doors once again and the crowds start to slowly grow on St. John.  But there are still quiet beach days and stress-free dining options in the weeks to come!

For those who visited us during the month of September, we hope that you enjoyed some quiet beach time and rest and relaxation while our island staffers did the same!  Teddy and I just returned from our annual vacation on Monday and, boy oh, boy, St. John was a sight for sore eyes!  It’s always so wonderful to get back home…But you know that feeling of arriving back in Love City after being away for a bit, right? 🙂

Who is OPEN for Business on St. John? 1
Ahhhh….Home sweet home <3

We did a little walk around town last night to stretch our legs after a long day of catching up on work and unpacking our hurricane prepped home.  And it is QUIET!  Let me tell you this…With the lack of crowds on the streets and the number of restaurants open right now, I’m looking forward to snagging some tables and bar seats at our favorite spots while we can!  We popped into Beach Bar on our way back to the car for some hugs from our favorite bar tenders and a quick night cap.  The bar was quiet with only about a dozen or so guests enjoying themselves.  And word on the street is that it has been blissfully quiet over the past month or so.

But, as we edge into October and closer to the holidays, the crowds will slowly start to grow in number with a mass influx at Thanksgiving, Christmas and News Years.  So, it is great to see so many of our favorite spots with their doors open again while we have a chance to pop in for a hello to our friends who are now back to work (and delicious food and drinks)!

Without further ado, here is the list of places who have recently re-opened or plan to do so later this week!  I have omitted the establishments that stayed open throughout the off season, but you can see the full list here.

  • Lovango Rum Bar & Distillery
  • Miss Lucy’s (Now re-opening October 11!!)
  • Dave & Jerry’s Island Steakhouse (Re-opens October 10)
  • The Terrace Restaurant
  • La Tapa
  • 18.64 the Restaurant (Re-opens mid next week)
  • Love City Cafe
  • Colombo’s Smoothies
  • Quiet Mon Pub
  • Morgan’s Mango (Re-opens October 8)
  • North Shore Deli
  • Salty Mongoose (Re-opens October 9)
  • Lime Inn
  • Lime Out (Re-opened this week for TACO TUESDAY!)
  • Sam & Jack’s
  • St. John Provisions
  • Woody’s (Re-opening today or tomorrow)

So, you see, we are getting back into the swing of things here on St. John!  Oh, and you know with the new season on the horizon line there are some great updates ahead from restaurant land.  Stay tuned for some SUPER exciting restaurant news including info on the new happenings at Honeymoon, dinner with the Roti King, Mexican Nights at The Tamarind, lunch at Cafe Roma, the opening of Coral Bay Fresh Market and more!  Have a great Thursday everyone!

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