Where to Park in Cruz Bay

We’re back everyone! Happy New Year!

We just got back to the island after spending the holidays in Connecticut and, goodness, is this island packed?! It took a little longer than expected for high season to arrive, but I can safely say that it’s currently in full swing. With high season, however, comes some minor issues – mainly parking.

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve seen some crazy parking issues happening here on island. I’m not sure if it’s due to the sheer amount of tourists visiting (thank you to all of you!!!) or if it’s due to the higher number of rental Jeeps here on island, but I do know that parking is at a premium these days. I’ve seen cars get booted, ticketed and towed over the past 24 hours, which is taking the love right out of Love City. So in an effort to curb some of these issues, we decided to write about the dos and don’t of parking in Cruz Bay and around the island in general.

For starters, if you see a No Parking sign, the police mean it. Last night, there were roughly a dozen vehicles parked along the beach across from Grande Bay and sadly a bunch of them got ticketed. The officer stated she was planning on towing too. Hopefully that didn’t occur because nothing ruins a vacation quicker than a ticket or a towed car.

Vehicles getting ticketed along the beach in Cruz bay Saturday night.
Vehicles getting ticketed along the beach in Cruz bay Saturday night.

Another word of advice is that if you see a “Danger” sign, you probably don’t want to park here either. (Full disclosure: I myself almost parked here once. But the sign scared me so I found another beach.)

Don't park next to the High Voltage sign across from Cinnamon Bay.
Don’t park next to the High Voltage sign across from Cinnamon Bay.

Lastly, please do not park at any of the overlooks. These areas are meant to stop and go essentially. One of our readers referred to them as “Kodak spots” – I like that.

Four vehicles parked at the Trunk Bay overlook Saturday afternoon.
Four vehicles parked at the Trunk Bay overlook Saturday afternoon.

So you’re probably wondering – well, where the heck can I park? Here are your options in Cruz Bay:

Free Parking

There are several free parking lots around Cruz Bay. The largest is the gravel parking lot next to the car barge area and across from the tennis courts. Be mindful when parking here, however, because there is a large area specifically for police vehicles. So be sure not to park there.

gravel lot parking gravel lot police handicap

Another free option on the other side of the tennis courts is the Bureau of Motor Vehicles lot. This is where the Little Olive food truck is.

You can park for free at the custom’s lot across from the Post Office.

customs lot parking

The small lot across from the BVI ferries in Cruz Bay is also free, as is the teeny lot beside it near the walkway to the National Park Visitor’s Center.

secret parking

visitor center parking

Lastly, there are a handful of spots across from Mongoose Junction on the road that leads behind the National Park Visitor’s Center. Be careful over there, however, as some spots can only be used at certain hours and others are for permitted vehicles only.

across from mongoose parking

Free Parking if You’re Using a Business

There are several parking options you can use if you are visiting a business. Parking at Mongoose Junction, Bayside Mini Mart and The Fish Trap/convenience store are all reserved for customers. Parking up at the Lumberyard is also reserved for people using a business. If you park in these areas and are not using a business or use a business and then walk around town, you will be at risk for getting a ticket, booted or towed.

mongoose parking
Mongoose Junction
bayside parking
Bayside Mini Mart
fish trap parking
The Fish Trap and convenience store

Paid Parking

There are currently three paid lots in Cruz Bay. You can park at Wharfside Village, Slim Man’s which is across from Wharfside Village or L&L Jeep Rental’s lot which is across from the ball field and next to Extra Virgin Bistro.

wharfside parking
Wharfside parking
Slim Man's paid parking
Slim Man’s paid parking
L&L Jeep Rental's paid parking lot
L&L Jeep Rental’s paid parking lot

Here’s a little map to give you a better idea of the locations:

Untitled presentation-10
Click to enlarge

This would be a fantastic time to open the new parking lot behind the old bank. but sadly it’s currently being blocked off.
unopened lot

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  1. Love SJ in August, no parking trouble. My friend Brian and his family are presently on SJ. Knowing Brians New Jersey driving tactics he will wind up parked in your living room

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