Where o’ where can the new ferries be? O’ where o’ where can they be?

File photo, but still holds true.

Public Works Commissioner Darryl Smalls told the St. John Tradewinds on January 29 that the new ferries would be running “within the next 30 days.” Well according to our math, those 30 days have come and gone, and still no new ferries.

There was a sighting, however, last week over in St. Thomas. Captain John Brandi spotted the Red Hook I last Wednesday. Seeing that the ferry wasn’t being put to use, he thought he could start the Palm Tree Charters Express or perhaps The Soggy Dollar Limin’ Express as he suggested back in January.

john brandi new ferryNow we figured that everyone loves a contest. When do you think the new ferries will begin operating between Cruz Bay and Red Hook? Leave your guess in the comments section. The winners will receive some News of St. John swag.

The new ferries by the numbers:

  • 34 days since Smalls said they’d start operating “within 30 days”
  • 43 days since Smalls told the Tradewinds that there was “no major holdup”
  • 88 days since a champagne dedication ceremony was held
  • 134 days since the government announced that sea trials had began
  • 687 days since the governor signed a contract to begin building the two ferries

34 thoughts on “Where o’ where can the new ferries be? O’ where o’ where can they be?”

  1. March 21st since they wouldn’t want any st patty’s day revelers christianing them early & it’s first day of spring

  2. Let’s go all Blackbeard on them and take them for a joy ride. Free rides for everyone. Think they’d miss them for a few hours?

  3. When one of the other ones finally breaks down for good so I’m saying early 2016…I was on the Red Hook ferry back in early Feb. and it sounded like it was on it’s last legs.

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