Where do you shop for food?

The Dolphin Market in Cruz Bay is planning to open a second store along the south shore.  With easy parking, it will be a convenient option for the timeshares of the Westin and dozens of rental villas at Great Cruz Bay, Chocolate Hole, Rendezvous and Fish Bay, and so on.  The new Dolphin will be located in the retail shopping strip being built next to Guinea Gut apartments, across the road from the main entrance to the Westin.

Which begs the question … what’s your favorite store for vittles? Feel free to add your comment here (great selection, best prices for wine, expensive for snacks, etc.).

6 thoughts on “Where do you shop for food?”

  1. Since we have more than one answer, I’m not sure how to vote! We shop Starfish Market for fresh meat and veggies, but we shop Pine Peace or Dolphin Market for staples and adult beverages.

  2. It would be interesting to see the results broken down by full time residents, part-timers and tourists.
    Many full timers will only go to Starfish if they can’t find it elsewhere. Personally, I refuse to go to Starfish and will go without rather then spend money there. I know many other full timers do the same. (To be honest,I find it difficult not to use vulgar language when referencing Starfish, even when typing.)
    Tourists probably don’t know much about Pine Peace and may even have difficulty finding it, but their prices are the best on island.

  3. Pine Peace grocery is on the south shore road, heading to the Westin. It’s at the bottom of Jacob’s Ladder, the bIG hill. Some say it has best prices for liquor … very good for the basics/commodity grocery items.

  4. Starfish is the most consistent and reliable grocery store on-island in terms of product quality and availability, not to mention the convenience of being at The Marketplace and having easy parking!

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