Comfort or Camping?

If you select "Other", please explain, in the gray box below, where that would be. i.e. friends; charter boat, sailing, etc.

7 thoughts on “Comfort or Camping?”

  1. We were spending a fortune staying at Caneel for the past 5 years and then made the best decision of our lives by staying at a villa. It was amazing. Never staying at a resort in St. John ever again. Only downside was finding parking in Cruz Bay.

  2. We have found we get more for our money & can do more with our money by staying in a villa. Westin/Caneel are beautiful but WAY TOO expensive.

  3. On our first trip to St. John eons ago, we stayed at Maho Bay Campground. That was a lot of fun for the kids. Then we discovered Cloud Nine villa. Since then we have made our trip two full weeks and book two villas for a week apiece. One by Cruz Bay for a view of St. Thomas, one near Coral Bay. We also did the British Virgins one time, and that was a lot of fun also.

  4. My wife and I stayed in a villa on our 1st trip to St John last summer. We cannot return soon enough. It’s a no-brainer for a young couple like us- St John villas offer more than enough at a much more affordable price.

  5. My new husband and I stayed in a cottage at Cinnamon Bay campground for our honeymoon, and I can’t imagine wanting to stay anywhere else. It is an amazing place.

  6. I have been camping at Cinammon Bay for 30 years. Except for the modest upgrades to the washhouses and restaurant (80’s?) and the beach getting shallower, not much has changed. It is my favorite place on earth, good on its own and great as a base camp for the rest of the island. And now my grandchildren are starting to come. We’ve also stayed at Caneel, a B & B and a villa, but we always come back to ‘laid back’ Cinammon. (Bare sites are best. The campground needs more of them. And will the airline restrictions/fees on weight effect traditional tent camping?)

  7. we’ve stayed at Maho or at Concordia since I started coming to St John 20 years ago. This year we do something different–will stay a week at concordia in one of the ‘tents’ and then in a rental house in coral bay for a week….sort of feel like a traitor!

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