What’s going on at Mongoose?

Glen Speer’s idea was that his Mongoose Junction would be a venue for artists to create and sell their works.  Donald Schnell and Constance Wallace
were two of the original tenants.  Schnell packed up his pots and clay
and sculpture and left a few weeks ago. Wallace closed her Clothing
Studio last weekend.  She’s been in business there for 22 years.

Wallace blamed "market changes and increasing competition," according to the St. John Source

Some of the retailers’ competition comes from Mongoose 2, next door.
Its merchants offer Hawaiian shirts, kites, furniture and varied other
items, more "touristy" than artful. Three other business in the
original Mongoose are also publicly listed for sale.

The turnover in merchants at Mongoose, along with construction of a new restaurant at the center, suggests the same kind of impact on locally-owned businesses that is being seen in the current condo and resort developments.  Most likely rising rents, and other rising costs are making it tough for "the little guy".

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  1. As a frequent visitor to the Virgin Islands (and St. John) I have to say the problem that the islands face in general is due to the over development of the islands without regard to infrastructure and that this, susequently, has lead to the rising crime and other problems that are addressed in this news article.
    Businesses and people move away because they don’t feel safe.

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