What’s not in your suitcase?

There's an interesting thread at TripAdvisor.  It was kicked off by Sunny-in-Salem who said she usually sends flippers and snorkel gear in a package ahead of her arrival.  She wondered what other people sent.

light of airline baggage charges and the fact there are at least four
fairly-stocked grocery stores in Cruz Bay, shipping sundries no longer
as useful as it was five or 10 years ago. Nonetheless, there are lots
of things people do pack and send ahead of time.

Tinkerbelldee includes shampoo, bath gel, sunscreen, coffee, granola bars. nuts and PringlesBluewater43 reminded folks to put items in Ziplock bags to prevent leaks as well as damage from humidity and ants.

post argued for shipping food items ahead. "I am fully aware that they
sell it on island," she wrote. "I am also familiar with the prices and
I choose not to pay them when I can avoid it. I just like to choose how
I spend my vacation money. If I had a larger budget, I would not
bother, but mine is limited and I like to save where I can. It is not
for everyone but works for me. Just sayin'."

If you want to send a package ahead, Connections in Cruz Bay will hold a box for your pickup.  Click here for details on package receive servicesThe Mail Center
at the Marketplace also used to accept packages, at least when we owned
it.  I don't know about now because the Web site we used is not
responding, www.mailcentervi.com.

4 thoughts on “What’s not in your suitcase?”

  1. Good article about packing for STJ. We are headed to STJ. Saturday for 2 weeks. We go out to eat less the past few years to save money. My friend takes down frozen meat to put on the BBQ. It’s still frozen solid when we get there. So it has worked out well. We still go out to ZOZO’S and the LIME INN.
    Just not as much. Got to use the zip lock bags. Saved a big mess one year with the sunscreen. We find we are packing less cloths. The Island is very casual and we have W&D available. Even bring dryer sheets.

  2. Keep Me Posted at the Cocolobo center in Coral Bay is a superb place to send packages and access other mail services.
    They also sell office supplies, have computer services and, as a bonus, Santa Claus is married to Rae, the owner. Their address, 16213 Spring Garden, St. John V?I 00830-9525, Phone 340-775-1727.

  3. We’re able to pack our snorkel gear including fins in our carry-ons. We don’t do checked bags. I do, however, send a small Priority box with certain food items ahead. The vast majority of groceries are purchased on St. John and we enjoy eating out even when renting a villa.

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